: Changing Rear shocks

10-29-12, 08:19 AM
Hey everyone, i purchased an 05 ESV platinum back in June. I have never heard the compressor running when I turn the key on and the ride seems a little bouncy when there is some weight in the back. The right rear seems to sag a little more than the left rear. It has right around 100K on it...so im sure the shocks are wore out.

I am planning on changing the shocks and compressor and purchasing from Arnott Industries. I will be replacing with air ride shocks.

My question to you guys is this...what special tools do i need to complete this work? Will I be able to do this in my garage? Does anyone have a complete set of instructions or pictures in how to complete this safely? How long will this take? Will I need an alignment completed when finished?

Thanks Everyone

10-29-12, 09:27 AM
Do your research before purchasing the "rebuilt shocks" from Arnott.

If you have a northern truck, I would spray the compressor bolts and shock bolts/nuts with PB Blaster (NOT WD 40) a couple times a few days in advance.

Really the job is not that bad, on replacing the compressor, I believe you need an 8mm socket with rachet, there are 3 bolts. Be careful when pulling the U shaped plastic clip that holds the airline to the compressor. I broke mine when I changed out the pump.

When replacing the shocks a floor jack of some type will come in handy. The Arnotts came fully extended and would have been a pain if not jacking the trailer hitch receiver up to accommodate.

Here is a write up, sorry no pics with this one:

10-29-12, 12:29 PM
You're going to want a pry bar or a beefy flat screwdriver for the shocks as well. I put mine in top bolt first, then placed the other end of the shock on the jack and compressed it enough with the jack to be able to slide it into the area where it mounts. I then used the pry bar to maneuver it into place so that I could slip the mounting bolt through it. A cheater pipe or breaker bar would be a good thing to have on hand as well in case your shock bolts are on tight / stuck.

e: The Arnott compressor comes with bare wire ends terminated in butt connectors that must be crimped to the harness off your old compressor. You will need to cut, strip, and crimp the wires. I used a cheap wire stripper from Radio Shack, and a ratcheting crimp tool from Harbor Freight.