View Full Version : Anyone Add an Auxiliary Input with AuxGM2V6?

10-27-12, 09:05 PM
So I purchased an AUXGM2V6 for my 03 DHS. It comes with a harness the plugs into the back of the unit on one end and plugs into the CD changer cable on the other. My DHS doesn't have a CD changer, just the harness. When I hook up the harness I can't select CD changer from the radio using the source button. I have tried with dip switches 1,3, and 8 on and just 3 and 8. I disconnected the battery but the radio seems to retain it's settings. Does anyone else have experience with this kit or adding a CD changer and had similar problems in the past?



10-28-12, 06:10 PM
Just wanted to add that I went back out last night and tried again. I let it sit for about 10 minutes on each recommended dip switch setting and the radio just doesn't pick up the unit.

10-31-12, 07:56 PM
It should pick it INSTANTLY.
You are either having a dip switch issue or the aftermarket thing you try is just not compatible with the HU.
DHS DID had CD changer from factory, it was a >$700 option and most people pass it (so you were only getting the provision = cable).
I am not familiar with anything in aftermarket (all have impossible names like XK5ZB), just so you are aware of, up to 02 (early 02) the communication between HU and CD changer was done on the dedicated E&D data line. After (early) '02 the HU and CD changer was changed (can be recognized by the smaller white RDS logo, previous units had a bigger yellow logo). The new HU/CD Changer are communicating with each other using the car data line (absolutely, totally, essentially, hugely different that before). So if you see some aftermarket CD changer replacement thing that is compatible with both before and after '02 that should be a run away sign.
On the other hand for less than $50 you can add an OEM CD changer (designed to work with your car) do pay attention which one you get, units look almost the same.