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10-26-12, 01:25 PM
Makes me glad I had the good sense to go with the V.


10-26-12, 01:59 PM
Nice. I particularly liked this line.
Before it all went wrong, Cadillac made the cars that Americans—and just about everyone else—aspired to. The CTS-V is the first Cadillac in decades that is wholly worthy of those aspirations.

10-26-12, 02:45 PM
That was a great article... Thanks

10-26-12, 06:00 PM
Not bad, the reviewers main complaint is that you cannot hear the engine enough, that can be easily remedied though through the installation of a Corsa or Borla.

I like the Justin Beiber comment too, too funny.

10-26-12, 07:11 PM
Every professional reviewer that has driven the V has been thoroughly impressed with it. R&T, MotorTrend, you name it. Winner.

10-26-12, 07:21 PM
Great review. Applies equally to all flavors of the V. This generation of the V series will be fondly remembered. I like it enough that I'm considering another.

10-26-12, 08:54 PM
Bravo! You should see the guys on the ZL1 forum going ape that the Hennessy "V" beat the Hennessy ZL1 on the new Texas highway.

10-27-12, 01:18 AM
All right, as a n00b to all this "go fast stuff" I had to Google "Heel-toe shifting". for anyone else in my boat, here you go:


Another great summary of how amazing this car is; the more I read, the more I can't wait to get my turn to verify this!