View Full Version : Anyone know if K134 Multifunction Module is grounded or suppose to be?

10-25-12, 08:30 PM
I had ask a question (in another thread) if anyone could help me figure out why my 2000 Catera won't start when it sits overnight. Once it is started for the first time of the day, it starts right up the rest of the day. I didn't get any help on that question but I am still trying to figure out the problem. I am beginning to think the problem might be electrical in nature and might have to do with a "grounding" wire--either a grounded wire is broken or has come loose somewhere. I am thinking along those lines because each time I jump start it (every morning) the radio "resets" the time just the same as it would reset if the battery cables had been disconnected.

Around about the time I started having this problem, I replace the K134 Multifunction Module to fix a problem with my radio, trunk, and gas tank door. Those problems are corrected now with the K134 replacement. So, because it was replaced so close to the time I started having the starting problems, I am wondering if the K134 module is grounded or if it is suppose to be grounded. Can anyone help me out? thanks.

10-26-12, 12:45 AM
Relays are not grounded. Ground paths are connected thru the relay contacts, but the relay itself is not grounded.
When you park your car for the night, check your battery voltage with a voltmeter with the engine off. Check it again in the morning before you start it and see what ya get. Sounds like your battery is being drained.