View Full Version : Hennessey VR1200 Runs 220.5 MPH

10-25-12, 07:47 AM
Hope it's not a repost. Thought I'd share.


10-25-12, 09:10 AM
Love how he checks the rear view mirror at the end. Did he actually think someone would be behind him. LOL. Simply awesome MPH.

10-25-12, 10:19 AM
Top Gear write up. - http://www.topgear.com/uk/car-news/hennessey-camaro-ctsv-texas-toll-road-2012-10-25

10-25-12, 12:46 PM
Notice he didn't even shift into 6th, he hit 220 in 5th. Apparently they needed a couple more miles of road to hit the car's actual top speed.

larry arizona
10-25-12, 05:15 PM
Awesome. I wonder what the Bugati Veyron does in a 1 mile? I bet it would be close to the VR1200

10-25-12, 06:45 PM
Very cool! Don't think I would have the nerve for that anymore...

larry arizona
10-25-12, 08:10 PM
stock veyron can only do 204 in the standing mile. VR1200 is very impressive.

10-25-12, 08:34 PM
check out this..more car porn. woot woot! 11:20+ min mark is bliss... nothing sexier than a spooling turbo or two and the light qweef of a bov. ahhh fee~fee.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=RUfkyMCDYhU&oref=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.firstpost.com%2Ftopic%2Forga nization%2Ffacebook-faster-than-a-veyron-koenigsegg-agera-r-car-and-driver-video-RUfkyMCDYhU-37423-3.html

10-27-12, 01:18 AM
That is one sweet v. Love the way it sounds. Intersting he put turbos on it. Dont see many people putting turbos on it. Most are staying with the supercharger. Wonder how reliable the setup is?

10-27-12, 01:43 AM
turbos beat belt driver blower hands down in every possible way from performance (hp per psi) to output. I'll get a turbo system once a well built "kit" is offered. it's a no-brainer.

larry arizona
10-27-12, 08:28 AM
did any other v's run well? i recall a lot of fun smacktalk a few weeks ago. did they show up and run the texas mile?

05-14-13, 10:16 AM
VR1200 still owns every record with top or high speed we're aware of. We don't really do quarter stuff much since that is the equivalent of asking an F1 car to run on a go-kart track. Need more room to truly see what it can do. We always warmly welcome competition, so please let me know if I am unaware of something. We're always excited to raise the bar, but raising it on yourself just isn't fun. This is America after all, and everyone loves a good old measuring contest.