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10-25-12, 12:38 AM
Hi all, tonight my sunroof stopped working had it opened half way and noticed when I went to park it that it didn't close after I hit the auto close switch. Then I tried the manual open and close switch didn't work. So both positions are dead. When I hit the tilt one I hit the express open first and it closed and went into tilt. Now the close tilt doesnt work however when I hit the express close tilt I hear the motor try to engage.

To sum it up both positions on the left sunroof switch are dead and only the forward position works (I hear motor trying to engage) on the right switch. I will try to check the fuses in the morning but its stuck in tilt. Thankfully no rain in the forecast for a week.
Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.


10-25-12, 08:10 PM
Hi Mike, I think that was the deciding factor which lead me to get rid of my Caddy. I got a little discouraged with my car so it had to go on top of the fact that my extended warranty put over $9000 into my car the four years that I owned it. Sorry Caddy people but it's now Kizashi time. Here is my review of this car after one week of ownership.

This car is simply AMAZING! I am so excited and happy with it I don't know where to begin. First let me say I traded a 2005 STS4 AWD for this car and have absolutely NO regrets. Granted the STS was very fast b/c of its powerful V8, It also had a long-range remote start, an, but I honestly don't miss ANY of those features after driving this car! I sprung for the AWD SLS (with navigation ) in Deep Sea Blue metallic b/c it is so gorgeous on this car with tan leather. The GTS and SLS models look the same but have a few different features. But the ground effects, lower chrome strip, wheels, and aggressive front end transform the regular Kizashi into one fantastic looking sports sedan. The car has the feel of a BMW, the build quality the Japanese are known for, and an exterior design like nothing else on the road. It is such a blast to drive. It truly feels like a high-end German car, in that everything works together and makes you feel connected to the car. Don't believe the reviews by so-called experts that knock the power and CVT transmission. Its a wonderful combination that just works. 180hp in a 3200lb car is plenty to elevate your heart rate. No this car isn't going to win any drag races b/c its not a jackrabbit off the line, but once moving it feels every bit as fun as any BMW or Audi I've driven. Its steering is tight and communicative, its handling is razor-sharp, and its overall feel is positively Germanic. And while the CVT in automatic mode may be too lethargic for some, all you have to do is put it in manual/sport mode and use the BMW-like shifter or the F1-inspired paddle shifters. Oh, and where else can you get an AWD sports sedan where you can turn off the AWD when you don't need it to improve gas mileage? Nowhere! Trust me, if you're in the market for a sports sedan, take either an AWD GTS or SLS for an extended test drive AFTER driving whatever else is on your list, and you'll be sold. There is nothing else out there in this price range that offers all this equipment, is as good-looking, or is as fun to drive. Yes you could go buy a used BMW 328 or 335 for $26-30,000, but then you'd have a USED car, with tons of miles on it, questionable reliability, and minimal options, that may or may not have been treated well. I've owned some serious sports sedans in my life, and this AWD Kizashi SLS is every bit as fun as any of them, for a fraction of the price! Again, while this Kizashi SLS AWD may not be the fastest sports sedan out there, its combination of value for the money, driving dynamics, steering feel, build quality, refinement, and overall FUN factor cannot be beat. This Kizashi is definitely a sleeper. Check it out.
2005 Cadillac STS4 1SG Pkg (sold).......... 2012 Suzuki Kizashi SLS with navi (now)

10-25-12, 09:20 PM
WTF! Isn't there a suzuki forum you need to go to? Sorry about your problem. Did you check to see if anything was blocking the tracks or openings. I haven't had this problem before so I don't have too many ideas.

10-25-12, 09:40 PM
@Caddyfat2 - So you had an issue with your moonroof getting stuck in vent mode too so you went and bought a different car? ...

Mike, it might not hurt to try the 'system reset' (pull both battery cables and touch them together to reset system).
Perhaps its acting in an anti-pinch mode or something? not sure if you can see the roof tracks at all to see if there is anything obstructing movement?
The GF's Jetta allows you to pop the cover off over the roof motor exposing a hex key crank to allow you to manually override the switches, I wonder if the STS has the same ability. Might be worth a shot to drop the headliner down to access the motor, otherwise the switch (according to alldata) is GM P/N 25745189 and is $39.

10-25-12, 11:52 PM
Damn Pjazz and Ludacrisvp I about fell on the floor laughing. Caddyfat2, glad you are happy with your purchase of a new car. I got my STS in Aug 08 and it only had a one year warranty. I am happy to say I have not had one problem with the car yet. I used to have a 97 Blazer (got new) and I spent far more than 9k on it over 11 years of owning it so I know the feeling. Hell I had a piece on the sunroof break (little metal tab with a roller that guided the glass) so I took it to a shop recommended by a stereo shop. The guy took the glass out and removed both the broken and not broken piece so I could take it to Chevy and get the piece. Went to Chevy was told they didnt sell just that piece and I had to buy a new sunroof at 1300. I couldnt believe it and ended up having my dad taking the part to work and get me two made from titanium for 100 bucks. But in all honesty I still would have probably ate the money I had a show truck and I was used to throwing money at it. Eventually in late 08, I let it go with 166K on the odometer but I had a ton of fun in it. I personally love my STS though and I hope to have quite a few more years of enjoyable driving from it.

Back to my post and the problem. I took it to the stealership today and after 50 bucks I was told that when the tech got it back to the bay the buttons worked, go figure. Either way, the tech told me he still ran a diagnostic test on the car and everything was fine. He told me to cycle the ignition a few times if it happens again. I do remember I could do that with the blazer when the check engine light would come on. After a few cycles it would turn off. If it came back on then something was up. Thanks for your help guys. Love the info on this forum.

10-26-12, 08:14 AM
wtf! Isn't there a suzuki forum you need to go to? Sorry about your problem. Did you check to see if anything was blocking the tracks or openings. I haven't had this problem before so i don't have too many ideas.

hater !!!! You should drop the pj and just call yourself an AZZ. lol

10-26-12, 09:02 PM
^^^ Opinions vary!

10-29-12, 08:36 AM

thats an interesting viewpoint

First off the extended warranty paid $9000 out on your car!!!

Yikes...that is scary

Hard to believe that you dont miss the options

but.I guess to each their own