: Rear air shock replacement

10-24-12, 10:51 PM
I just replaced my rear air shocks on my 04 Escalade with the Arnott/Bilsteins I ordered through Oreilly's.
Piece of cake install with no issues whatsoever. They came with the sensor to plug into the factory harness and my compressor went from running all the time to about 5 seconds on startup.
That seems like the way to go to me!!

10-25-12, 01:05 AM
Hey 7m34life, looks like I may have to do the exact same thing soon. How much did they set you back? You replaced with air shocks also again right? How hard was install?


10-25-12, 07:02 AM
I paid $360.00 at O'Reilly's for the pair. Yes they are air shocks! I installed both shocks in less than 2 hours and drank 3 beers! lol easy job man. I jacked the body up on the frame, removed both rear wheels, put another jack on the rearend to take weight off of the shocks and removed and replaced. Sensors plug right in to existing harness, no cutting or splicing.

I posted this because I've read and read this forum with no clear answer on which way to go and there are very FEW people on here that will help you or even REPLY!! They get pissy when someone asks a question and they assume they didn't search first.

10-25-12, 08:33 AM
hmmm I recall a few threads that go into great detail, especially on the shock questions that are asked over and over again. There is even one that I wrote stating how easy the shocks are to replace (well on southern vehicles anyways) with all the needed tools.

But congrats on the install. The beers always make it easier. :)

Mark Edward Morrison
10-25-12, 12:10 PM
7m34life, what brand of shocks did they order for you and are you using your compressor still? Also when my shocks dry rotted out my compressor went out trying to air up my old shocks. Let me know because I am needing to get new rear shocks and I kind of would like to keep my air ride. Look forward to your feedback. Thanks!

10-25-12, 07:48 PM
They are Arnott/ Bilstein air shocks. I ordered the shocks from oreilly's and the compressor that I replaced 6 months ago directly from Arnott. I am still using the compressor.