: TX-FL-TX family roadtrip in the works, 2005 ESV w/ 97k miles by then, what do I bring

10-24-12, 02:47 AM
Taking the family and MIL to Orlando for a week soon and want to make sure we have as smooth a trip as can be planned for, and won't regret not getting airfare (@#$^ the TSA and public transportation!). The new tires are aired up, the battery is good, all fluid levels are within parameters and not leaking... but I wanted to run this by you folks to get more ideas specific to this vehicle. We haven't roadtripped in it yet beyond a couple hundred mile 'shakedown trips' nearby. Amusingly/purposefully in the last 8 months, we've never used the dual-screen DVD system- that should be a nice surprise for our 3-yr old who hasn't figured it out yet whom we fully intend to 'plug-in' to maintain sanity...

1. Pretty sure it's on the OE fuel pump. How badly do I need to pick up a spare, and how long would it take to swap out roadside? Tools needed?
2. How does the spare tire lower? I see the key lock, but haven't tried it yet. A quick search isn't too clear.
3. I don't think the transmission has ever been serviced- leave as-is/change/flush?
4. What other parts, like maybe the fuel pump, should I have on-hand?

Worst case scenario, I'm hoping we could limp to the closest GM dealer, but am feeling confident after driving it for the last 8k miles. I have 'Check Ride Control' and TPMS errors that I intend to tackle beforehand (hopefully just a relay or module, compressor works and hoses hold fine, rides great still- TPMS is easy). Otherwise the truck is mechanically sound with no issues and a fresh oil change and tire rotation. What say you?

10-24-12, 07:49 AM
I take it your going to Disney.....don't forget to take your checkbook! :)

My family (wife and 3 young daughters) and my recently retired MIL just did a 2,200 mile journey to Disney, Clearwater, Sarasota, Tampa back in June. We take several long haul trips a year and below is what I have assembled per your questions above.

- Grease the front end

- Check spare tire pressure (how to drop tire is in the jack compartment), where jack and tools are located, if sitting in third row to your left under the plastic deep tray

- Check brake pad condition (see below!)

- Per mantenance schedule the vehicle is due for a tranny flush and filter at 100,000 miles. (I would do so prior to the trip if the vehicle was mine)

- Don't forget to top off windshield washer fluid (aka blue juice)

- Check batteries in DVD remote (2 AA) and in headphones (2 AAA) in each

Sentinelist, I would not worry about carring an extra fuel pump myself.

We were doing one of our 1,600 mile trips last year and the front brake pads went. I replaced the pads in the rear parking lot of a NAPA in less than 60 minutes. I used the truck jack, and purchased cheap hand tools, all in all I spent like $130.00 including the ceramic pads.

Shortly after that, on another long haul road trip, the passenger front wheel bearing went. I had the tools from the brake job in the jack compartment and had to purchase an 18mm (maybe 15mm) wrench to replace bearing in a hotel parking lot (took about 30 minutes). Again it was somewhere around $140.00 total.

At the time I believe we were somewhere around 120,000 miles. Now we are at 170,000 and still taking lots of long hauls without any problems. Yes thats 170,000 on the original fuel pump.

- Don't forget take some Vallium!!!!! Kick back and enjoy the "flight" as I say, really I do. My MIL is known to have a few cocktails in the back as we are cruising down the highway! ;) shhhh

10-24-12, 08:14 AM
Get new wiper blades. COSTCO has those SUPER Goodyear blades (20") for $7.99/ea...and they work great!!! Get a bottle of Invisible Glass cleaner and a bag of Micro Fiber Towels. Grab a selection of different fuses. Save up a dozen or so Grocery Bags to put trash in...nothing pi$$es me off faster than empty bottles and cans rolling around in the car/truck. Last but not least...a good Radar Detector....even if you run the speed limit it will let you know where they are. A can of "Fix a Flat" will get you to the next tire shop and save you from phukin around with the jack and spare on the side of the road.....very dangerous!!

The transmission flush is a good idea along with front and rear diff.


10-24-12, 08:38 AM
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10-25-12, 02:18 AM
Great stuff, guys! Duly noting all of this, sprink60 and jnrsesv. Thanks. Hopefully the fuel pump idea is overkill. I have a V1 radar detector- I live by it and feel naked without it. I typically keep within 10-over anywhere I go. Oh this ESV didn't have the headphones or remotes included! Hrmm, will look into my options. That's important for this trip. Actually not going to Disney! Though I was raised on all things Disneyland/World, my 2 boys are too young for any value (3 yrs. and 8 mos. by then). Will be staying across the highway from it, but my company has a condo nearby there I got into this year. I hear there is a lazy river we can tube around on. All. Over. That. With. Beer. In. A. Camelback. Mostly going for R&R, beaches, maybe the Space Coast (because ROCKETS), sleeping (or taking turns, ha), perhaps Epcot... and some place my wife is crazy about after finding it online called Dinosaur World...

And jnrsesv, your family and adventures sound eerily similar to mine. My MIL just retired as well and would love to be having cocktails in the back. I shall provide Wife and I will be partaking a good bit each evening as well at our destinations to keep calm and carrying on. LOVE the kiddos so much, but y'know.

10-25-12, 08:06 AM
oh I know...... :)

- another thing to take (well I do) is a spare key

Check ebay for used headphones and remote. Believe me they will come in handy down the road.

Sounds like you guys are going to have lots of fun. Mommy and daddy are going to need some naps after squeezing all that in! I wouldn't waste my money with those age groups at Disney either. When we were there in June, our 7, 4 and 2 year old girls just wanted to swim at our hotel pool. When we entered Disney, they saw the castle and the Princesses in the first 5 minutes and they all wanted to go back swim.

Words of advice, also, if you are thinking of going to Sea World, better take alot of money! We dropped nearly $600.00 in entrance fees (we even had discount tickets), food, drinks and novelty stuff in 1 day.

Be sure to eat at the "Rain Forest" restaurant, a bit pricey, but the food and the atmosphere are worth every penny. Its located right behind Lego Land (which is free and fun).

10-25-12, 09:40 AM
Sentinelist, you may also want to read this attached thread (below) from the cadillac man. You wouldn't want your AC to die in Fl.


the cadillac man
10-25-12, 11:20 AM
Sentinelist, you may also want to read this attached thread (below) from the cadillac man. You wouldn't want your AC to die in Fl.


That is true about either belt

11-01-12, 02:20 AM
Ok thanks, guys. I'll be following up here after I tackle this stuff shortly.