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DopeStar 156
12-17-04, 05:19 PM
The other day I discovered a "Lego Store" at my local mall. It's pretty much a store that sells Lego blocks in bulk. While wandering around I came up with an idea, to create a replica of my '89 Fleetwood Brougham out of Legos! When I was a kid I used to make everything out of Legos and now I'm gonna make the ultimate Lego model. I'm not sure how big I should actually make it, but I'm really interested in doing it.

12-17-04, 05:59 PM
1/1 !!

12-17-04, 06:02 PM
dude, im 26 freakin' years old and i still have my castle collections from when i was about 10!

nowadays that i have the extra cash, i sometimes hit ebay for the more expensive sets we couldn't afford while growing up.

a lago caddy would be sweet BTW. i was so bored one night around a year ago, i did a "dracula's" castle deal...

i need to freakin' grow up, huh?

DopeStar 156
12-17-04, 11:59 PM
Hahaha in no way dude, Legos are timeless! I'm thinking about making the Fleetwood the size of a shoebox, pretty big for a Lego replica. I figure the bigger it is the more detail I can do with the blocks. My cousin and I loved to make things out of Legos when we were kids and I'm recruiting him as my partner in this project. I'm gonna give it rolling wheels and maybe an opening hood with an engine inside I haven't decided yet. I'm really excited about this.

12-18-04, 12:09 AM
I used to have THE Lego collection back in the day. I eventually grew out of them and donated all of them to a school for Autistic kids. My aunt was a teatcher at the school and asked if they could have them since I didn't use them anymore. Of coure I said yes and they left the house the next day in two HUGE plastic containers. Better the kids play with them, than just throwing them out I always say. :halo: . Legos are always cool. I gave them away when I was 12, but I will always love them. Theres nothin' you can't build with them. :thumbsup:

12-18-04, 01:28 AM
Best things ever! I use to build houses out of them

My brother has one that when up his nose and never came out, I stuffed a few up to but my parents got them out. We were like 4-5.

The only issue with making the car is that the wheels may be hard.

12-18-04, 01:32 AM
HAHAHAHA!!!.... :histeric: Legos up the nose..hehe....that's great. :D

DopeStar 156
12-18-04, 03:18 AM
Naah I've already got that situated. Axles and actual lego wheels and they should spin freely. I have my pick at the store of any of the parts I could possibly need, a whole wall of pieces sorted by shape and color. Much like this. (http://shop.lego.com/department.asp?d=18&t=7) My cousin and I used to build cities out of these things that were like 10ft. x 12ft. We one day decided to combine ours and were capable of building huge lego cities. We made cars, planes, spaceships, machines, robots, castles, pirate ships, cannons, anything. This Lego shop is our solution to "Hey if you find a grey piece with four dots on it like this give it to me." Now we can just buy the things! I am so excited. :bouncy: :bouncy: :bouncy:

12-18-04, 01:31 PM
I remember me and my brother were same with the "if you find a gray piece with 4 thingies"