: Technical Support

10-23-12, 04:15 PM
http://www.scosche.com/graphics2011/sca_icon_live_help.gif (https://server.iad.liveperson.net/hc/43691477/?cmd=file&file=visitorWantsToChat&site=43691477&byhref=1&imageUrl=https://server.iad.liveperson.net/hcp/Gallery/ChatButton-Gallery/English/Small/1a)

In case you didn't already know, by visiting the Scosche website, you can click on the "Live Help" link at the top of the page to instant message your product questions to one of our tech support team members. You can also use this feature to contact someone in Sales/Customer Service for assistance.

If for some reason tech support is offline, you can leave your question and email address with them and they will respond to your inquiry when they return.