: Quick Question About A/C Compressor Replacement

10-23-12, 03:14 PM

Sorry to bother all of you fellow Cady owners, but had a quick question.

Recently my A/C compressor clutch assembly went bad.
I took it to mechanic to fix the compressor. When I picked up, 2 days later the oil cooler part that sits inside the engine (under the head, in between the "V" shape space, when bad and Oil went inside the coolant.

My question is:

Do you have to remove the radiator coolant to work with the A/C compressor?
I know is a tight fit down there, but maybe compressor can be worked from under the car...

What Im trying to prove is that it was the mechanics fault that my Oil Cooler got damaged. He might had ran the engine on idle for to long or did something wrong to it. Cause part of his report said that he had to drain the coolant and remove the front of the engine to work on the A/C compressor. My reasoning is that he changed the coolant to hide his mistake and so the customer (me) wouldn't notice right away the brown gunk in the coolant reservoir.

I must admit that the Oil Cooler is flawed by design and before I had to have it welded on a part that warped when previous radiator block when kaboom, engine overheated and oil cooler warped.

10-23-12, 05:34 PM
The oil cooler is buried pretty deeply in the V of the engine. Anything's possible, but it seems unlikely anything he did to the AC would have affected the oil cooler. They can fail without any help from a hamfisted mechanic.

10-23-12, 06:21 PM
Good point Jaeger63, it could just be coincidence or the last drop that spilled the glass...

Thank you for taking your time in reading and responding =D