: 95 deville 4.9 cooling fan & ac fan dont work

10-22-12, 07:32 PM
95 deville 4.9 cooling fan & ac fan dont work
hi having some issues with both my fans not working at all.have a 95 deville 4.9.i can send power through both wire harness that plug upto each fan and get the fans to run the coolling fan by itsself,and when i do the ac fan both run.tested the 1 mini fuse under hood,as well as the 50 max fuse also checked the 3 relays for power and switched them out,figured all 3 cant go out.replaced a thermostat and coolent temp sensor,any other ideas?i had it hot wired to battery 2day but really dont wanna do that.not sure if i have a loose connection to a screw or bolt that is common,kinda seemed to have an issue getting power on the ac fan earlier when piercing the wire w power probe.thanks for any help

10-22-12, 10:23 PM
any answers 2nite or guesses atleast