: 2002-2006 EXT on 26" rims what drop are you guys using?

10-22-12, 07:07 PM
Just got a 2002 it has 22" and 26" rims the guy said the 26" were to much,lol it is slammed on 22s so I guess it is a 4-5 drop
what will 2-3 drop look like on 26s? I went threw the whole picture thread and no one says what size rims or drop they have.
do any of you have a pic to help me out.
the 26s are super old Giovannas but I dont care I am gonna powder coat them black and run them as long as I can untill I get extra cash to get someting i really want. truck is a second car for me so it is for fun and i dont need to go all out like i normaly do,lol
again thanks for any pictures you can share. i will post mine asap but it will be awhile 2 months my guess.
I am redoing interior and stereo needs a lil bit of work. but first I want the drive train and motor perfect.

10-23-12, 11:16 PM
Well id like to see some pics of how yours sets now! Ive only got 24's but im running a 305/35/24 tire. And im lowered 2/3 with spindles up front and springs/shock relocator in the rear. I know you said 6's but maybe you can get a idea! I want 6's bad! I regret getting 4's, thought 6's might of looked to big now these wheels look to small.. http://i1196.photobucket.com/albums/aa418/capriRS1/98E0C2E9-D006-4855-8F8F-3DD604A8EC99-890-0000023510908EE8.jpg

10-24-12, 07:33 PM
thats a 2-3 drop? looks pretty low to me for sitting on 24s
I think your tire is smart the ride is probably way nicer that mine will be. we have almost same tire and my rim is 2" bigger (305-30-26)
I ordered Bilstein pro springs that drop 3 or 4 inches it comes with a spacer to adjust the height so i will set it up at 4" first to see.
thanks for the picture and your help

10-27-12, 04:08 PM
Its just a 2/3 drop.. Its not as low as it looks. Sets right at the same hieght as a stock truck with factory tires on it. I love my tire size, not ruff at all dont have to worry the rims every time i hit a bump either!