: What did you do WITH your car today? Chat and/or chit.

10-22-12, 05:12 PM
Let's try this. Perhaps it will free up the "work on car" thread, thus keeping peace in the family.:noidea:

Peace, being a relative term.:lol:

10-22-12, 05:44 PM
I looked at a picture of it on my desktop background. :D Can't wait to go clean the plug for the oil level sensor. Bet that will solve my issue.

10-22-12, 06:27 PM
It will certainly solve one of your issues!:histeric:

10-22-12, 11:37 PM
oh and 300 miles now on my tranny that i rebuilt , and no sign of burnt clutch material this time....

cant belive i forgot that thrust washer when i did it last time ...shit happens when you move and the car is in a million peices on a flatbed wrecker ...never move when your halfway thru a rebuild

10-23-12, 12:49 AM
oh and 300 miles now on my tranny that i rebuilt , and no sign of burnt clutch material this time....

...just a trail of burnt stangs and TT's!

10-25-12, 03:11 PM
Sorry guys, but you all know that "kill stories" are not allowed in CF. You even brush the surface and it's gone.

Straight from the Top Honcho................


10-25-12, 03:27 PM
holy powertrip !!!!!

thank god we have mods to watch us


Since you need to be a jerk .....

Posting about street-races you've had are not permitted as Cadillac Owners does not condone illegal activity of any kind.
yet we have a kill story and race video area
and here is the link you posted:

This forum exists for you to participate in discussions regarding safe drag-racing at race-tracks which specifically exist for racing legally. However, street racing is illegal, dangerous and can take the lives of those involved - and those not involved. Posting about street-races you've had are not permitted as Cadillac Owners does not condone illegal activity of any kind.

Setting-up street races in this forum is not allowed under any circumstances. If any message posted indicates an illegal street-race being setup, it will be deleted.

Keep in mind that Warranty companies have been known to deny coverage for people who use their cars in a way that was not intended. Posting in this section can make you liable to the same situation. Just because you're on an internet forum doesn't mean you're untraceable...

In consideration for being allowed to participate in this forum you have agreed to hold harmless and defend, reimburse and indemnify CadillacForums.com, Sal Collaziano (Lord Cadillac), and all the sites administrators from any liability arising from the use of this forum. You further agree to hold harmless and defend, reimburse and indemnify CadillacForums.com, Sal Collaziano and all the sites administrators from any claims brought by third parties, such as insurance carriers, health care providers, or governmental entities, for reimbursement or other damages as a result of payments to you or on your behalf for any injury or damages you may suffer or have suffered.
since your good at reading everything tell me where it says what i posted is isnt allowed in this forum?
what i posted is techniclly not allowed at all on the forums and we also shouldnt have a kills section ....

read your cute links before you post them and hit delete buttons ....

seen your kind come and go

10-26-12, 02:05 AM

10-26-12, 09:15 AM

Hmmmmm. :scratches head:


I don't know what stoneage posted, didn't get to it before deletion, but it couldn't be any worse than the thread Dave posted just now. Yet, everybody, just about, participated in that thread, making it something like...9 pages or so? Just an observation

10-26-12, 09:57 AM
Before everyone gets their panties in a knot, and "Stoneage Caddy" (who has been here almost since Day 1 and who knows better [ask him why]) again backhandedly accuses me of acting like Gestapo, please understand that I am not only a CF contributor, engine builder, car driver and general gearhead, I am also a volunteer to try and keep some semblance of "law and order" in a HUGE internet forum. I did not write the rules, I did not post the street racing guidelines - I merely reminded members of what they say they read when they signed up for CF: the Forum Rules and Regulations. We ALL electronically signed them when we registered. When we lower ourselves down to the kindergarten level of insults and name-calling, it's here for the world to see. I am not required to be "nice guy" and will continue to try to make CF the best it can be - and if I ruffle your feathers over policy today, I'll help you with your brake job tomorrow.

The "Kill stories and race videos" forum. You will all notice, that even in the redundant link posted by talismandave, almost every thread reference to street racing has been deleted over the years. I would imagine that the forum itself may now change its appearance quite a bit.

10-26-12, 11:37 AM
I posted the "redundant"link because it confused me. I realize there were no street racing stories on there, but was wondering under what logic street racing was more dangerous than 90% of the posts in there that happened on public roads. My intent was to point out what seemed to me to be a conflict in rules, or at least enforcement of rules. I am not trying to pile on or start a conflict. Merely trying to point out that it is easy to be confused as to exactly what is or isn't allowed. In the first post in that thread, the poster is talking about chasing a car at high speeds on a public road. Some might define that as street racing.

10-26-12, 11:56 AM
Before everyone gets their panties in a knot ....You couldn't have shared this earlier?!! I'm havin a heck of a time gettin this knot out!!!


10-26-12, 12:43 PM
Yeah, Kev, it's tough trying to put those panties on your head with knots tied in them! Good luck with those knots!

10-26-12, 01:39 PM
............ and the thread title - "with" ......... Used it to go over to RiteAid pharmacy to pick up several prescriptions.

............ and the thread title - "to" ............ Popped the hood, checked warm transmission fluid level - AOK.

10-26-12, 03:18 PM
1) Mikey!? take it easy man. wha happen?


3) Yes, there is a street racing forum here. You will notice, however, you cannot post in it. I have no idea why it is still there. it needs to be removed. Lord Cadillac, the former owner of this forum, personally, would love for people to be able to discuss street racing here. He's a maniac. He was in the back of my SUV one time, yelling at me "race that guy!" "no, race that guy" "no wait, race THAT guy!" But the rest of us talked sense into him because we did not want to see him get sued or censored.

4) I was on another forum, where two members were starting to talk about having a race. Then they did. One of them wound up in the hospital. Someone started mentioning that the whole thing started on the forum. Suddenly the thread disappeared. So I don't know what happened after that. Make of it what you will.

5) Do you guys really want this thread closed?

10-26-12, 03:56 PM
Jimmah, I'm afraid you're going to have to delete points 3 & 4 of your last post here. They violate point 2, discussing street racing ...


10-26-12, 06:11 PM
Sesame or 21 Jump? Ready, set, go!

10-28-12, 09:16 PM
Before everyone gets their panties in a knot, and "Stoneage Caddy" (who has been here almost since Day 1 and who knows better [ask him why])

Ask me why I should know better? I didn't set up any street race that landed someone in a hospital. I know the rules , hence why i posted them. Ive never even been a mod here.

however it needs to be , this thread became some off shoot of another thread that was going to have its posts deleted becuse it went off topic , like 90% of the threads in the lounge. Nothing technical goes on here , its general chit chat so why we need some to be watched and have a mod flip through rules finding something is beyond me.

I RARELY if EVER have an issue with a mod ....ask anyone ....but im seeing a pattern that i didnt like , out of a mod who i respect , and becuse of that respect it really got me angry.

anyway im done with this crap , ive spoken my peace .

on a side note , who would have thought street racing would be a problem on a cadillac owners board 20 years ago?

10-28-12, 10:11 PM
... on a side note , who would have thought street racing would be a problem on a cadillac owners board 20 years ago?I know, right? Whoda thunkit?


10-28-12, 10:59 PM
I think we succeeded in the chit chat part, but maybe not in the originally envisioned way.

I would like to hang out with Lord Cadillac sometime. That sounds like fun. :excited:

On a completely unrelated note, will wall outlet adapters fry my cigarrette lighter fuses? I may hunt for a wall outlet I can leach off if so.

10-28-12, 11:27 PM
yeah hes a nice guy we hung out in like 05 in orlando

10-28-12, 11:50 PM
I know, right? Whoda thunkit?



As I said in post #1, peace is a relative thing....

I would like to add that being a mod can not be a fun job, and I thank all the people who do it to keep this a great place to be. I also respect the fact that we can engage them in disagreements without fear of our posts just being deleted because we disagree. It takes a good person to put up with all our bitching and still be civil. All the mods I have seen get called out have always been very decent about how they handle the complaints.

Even if we disagree or don't get the ruling we were looking for, at least they allow us to voice those opinions and that is more than a lot of sites would do!:thumbsup:

10-29-12, 12:36 AM

Sub rules

Ranger rules

Jimmeh rules

DJR rules

Jesda rules

MrHolland (I ALMOST FORGOT :D ) rules

And all the other mods I'm likely forgetting, probably because I haven't been in that corner of the forums.

Thanks guyz :D

NOW, back to Cadillacs

10-29-12, 06:48 AM

10-29-12, 08:59 AM

Yeah Luke, but there is always an exception to every rule. Am I right?:histeric:

10-29-12, 10:27 AM
Oh! That's messed up!


10-29-12, 01:03 PM
Lord Cadillac is a strange bird. Very, very strange.

10-29-12, 03:51 PM
Chicken is my favorite bird.

10-29-12, 05:16 PM
I like pterodactyl.

10-29-12, 05:54 PM
My dad took my pheasant hunting when I was like 8. I hated it.

10-29-12, 08:32 PM
How did your pheasant do? By the way, what did your dad and the pheasant hunt?


10-29-12, 08:50 PM
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA Thats Hilarious!!!!!!!! Good one!!!

10-29-12, 10:49 PM

I sniped edited my post, FWIW :sneaky: