: Will These Work For HID fogs

10-22-12, 03:44 PM
Okay I have the factory fog lights. I'm currently trying to upgrade to a brighter bulb. I'm wondering if the ones I bought will actually work. I picked them up on Ebay but after they got here, the listing checker actually says they will not work with my car. Anyone have any idea? Here is the listing. http://www.ebay.com/itm/360492135085?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649

10-22-12, 06:55 PM
I wouldn' see y not

10-22-12, 11:03 PM
Yes.. I put 4k aftermarket HID's in my fogs and they work great.

10-22-12, 11:40 PM
Okay cool. Anyone know what all is involved to intal these let me know. Do I need to take off the bumper or can I just jack up the car and go in from the bottom. Thanks again.

10-23-12, 12:53 AM
I think i read somewhere the easiest thing to do is to remove your plastic wheel wells and go from that way

10-25-12, 08:47 PM
The easiest way is to take the wheel off and remove the push tabs that hold the plastic wheel cover on. You have to pop out the brake cooling ducts but they are easy to line up when you put it back together. There are like 8 clips in the fender well and like 5 under the car.

10-28-12, 02:56 PM
going through the fender is the best option. you only need to remove the outter two clips on the bottom skirt thing. Remove all the clips inside the wheel well and you'll be okay. Here are two pictures. I ended up mounting the ballast on some bracket that was connected to the fender with zip ties and 3M double sided tape. They are in there pretty good. I ended up taking the wheel off to make it much easier.



10-30-12, 06:29 PM
6000k will be blue compared to the headlights which are 4200k, which is whiter.

10-30-12, 07:14 PM
I went with the matching whites so they are the same as the headlights. Which ones are brightest?

11-05-12, 08:11 PM
Can anyone convince me by photo .. From driver's seat photo ... HID is worth it in comparison to replacing factory bulb with high quality xenon h11 bulb

11-05-12, 09:31 PM
I want to order some HID fogs that will look identical to the color of the headlights on my 2010 Premium 3.6... is it true that 4200K is the number I should be looking for? If so, does anyone have any recommendations on where to buy them?

11-05-12, 10:15 PM
What is the best website to buy the 4200 fog light bulbs?

11-06-12, 09:07 AM
http://http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/2008-cadillac-cts-appearance-mods/263874-bulb-replacement.html (http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/2008-cadillac-cts-appearance-mods/263874-bulb-replacement.html)

May not get all of the answers you are looking for, but it is an informative thread.


And this is from Mamas.Pearl who wrote some good stuff:

I've been researching FOG LIGHT HID kits, found some interesting info, and have some additional questions.

Ballast information: 35W and 55W:
55W ballast will wash the color out of bulbs. Explanation: Colors will seem whiter. A 4300K-35W setup will look the same as a 4000K-55W setup. A 5000K-35W setup will look the same as a 5500K-55W setup. NOTE: This is for well-built quality ballasts, meaning the ballast actually puts out 35W or 55W. Quality has benefits!

Slim Ballasts = Digital Input Ballast / Regular Ballast = Analog Ballast
As technology progressed the digital ballast is preferred. Not saying that analog is bad by any means. A well-constructed analog ballast is better than a cheap digital ballast.

Slim Ballast (Digital) - All connectors/feed-throughs are SEALED; this stops water, dirt, grime, etc. from causing issues with connections over time.
Regular Ballast (Analog) - All connectors/feed-throughs are RESISTANT; this resists water, but is not as good as sealed. A few simple things can help this such as WD-40 (Prevents and removes water, is electrically friendly, prevents corrosion) or electrical grease (Same as WD-40, just stickier). I prefer WD-40 as it does not hold dirt, grime, etc.

Slim Ballast - Slightly faster to fire, also has built in EMI filters, which prevents static from interfering with control of the Bulb Burn and your car radio, etc. Produces a bit less heat=slightly more efficient. Has better control of the burn rate/burn temperature of the bulb which extends the bulb life and prevents color changes of the bulb as bulb life progresses over time.
Regular Ballast - Slightly slower to fire. NOTE: a well-built analog ballast will have EMI filters built in. Produces a bit more heat=slightly less efficient.
The most simplified value to look at is initial power on Amperage draw and static state Amperage draw. A well-built Analog Ballast should draw very similar to a Digital Ballast.

Bulb Information:
There are a lot of variances in bulbs, this is mainly due to the inconsistencies of the SALT (what makes the light when hit with current) inside of the bulb. Certain bulbs have more consistent SALTs and colors. Top brands (Phillips, Hella, and PIAA) also are most $$$. The standard color match to the HIDs on the CTS seems to be 4300K-5000K. Yes I know some people will say no, blah blah blah. On a good bulb (Phillips, Hella, PIAA, etc.) 4300K-5000K is going to match what you have on the CTS with HIDs.

From my research, any manufacturer that uses Laser Corrected/Aligned Phillips Glass also seems to run a quality SALT for the inner bulb. This will have quality and duplicable colors and light output. Also this will mean longer bulb life and constant color throughout bulb life. This is important if a bulb fails/cracks/breaks/etc. and you replace 1 of them...they will still match in color and light output.
-The top quality bulb (most $$$) seems to be German Phillips Bulbs based H11 (P/N 85122 or 85122+). Roughly $65 per bulb.
-Most quality bulbs are rated to 60W of power or more. The ballast determines the wattage output that the bulb receives.
-55W ballasts makes the bulb put out more heat. This may melt the bulb housing in some areas in some conditions. Such as, 55w ballast (a quality ballast that actually puts out 55W), in Savannah GA in summer (100 + degrees) sitting in traffic. I'm betting it's going to melt. On all quality equipment I've noted warnings about 55W ballasts/bulbs in small (fog light) housings may melt due to heat.

I have not reviewed every kit out there, I simply looked for quality components. Quality manufacturers give you more information about their components, and for a reason. The devil is in the details! What cheap systems don't show you are mostly what they don't want you to see. This is where the cost difference comes from. This is simply information about quality and performance over a lifetime of system use.

11-06-12, 10:02 AM
yes.. I put 4k aftermarket hid's in my fogs and they work great.
where did you buy the hid kit? Web link please