: Blind Spot Warning Retrofit

10-22-12, 12:39 PM
I have a 2011 V-coupe and would like to know if it might be an easy upgrade to add the blind spot warning feature that the 2012+ V-coupes have. Might this be as simple as an outside mirror swap? Anybody know where the blind spot sensor is located? I haven't had (yet) any real difficulty with the blind spot, but it might be a nice feature to add, assuming it is relatively straightforward. Anybody have any ideas?



Crystal Red CTS-V
10-22-12, 07:55 PM
98975I think the blind spot "black boxes" are located on each rear fender.

10-24-12, 10:15 AM
Thanks for the response Crystal Red. Any idea what technology GM is using to accomplish this? Radar, Ultrasound, etc? I am suprised it is not integrated into either the backup sensors on the rear bumper or the side mirrors. Can you tell me what indication(s) (audible, visual?) you get in the car when the blind spot warning sensor is activated? If you get a visual indication, where is it displayed? Is the sensor active all the time or only when you activate the turn signal to change lanes?

Thanks in advance.


Crystal Red CTS-V
10-24-12, 10:22 AM
Not much help on the technology, but the warning is displayed in the left or right out side mirror as a flashing icon. The driver can elect to turn it off in the Driver Controls Menu. When turned on it is active all the time.

10-25-12, 09:12 PM
I like the idea! I would be interested too. How would one go about finding more out about it?

10-25-12, 10:39 PM
Plenty of info out there....might not be an easy retrofit though. The worst part may be adapting the wiring harness for everything & then trying to program the door modules so that everything works properly, especially if it is tied to your VIN number with it's specific set of RPO option codes associated with it. That may be a dealer required operation or someone who has access to a Tech II and can download & install updates.

According to the Buick site, the sensors use radar.

Gm techlink article mentions some interesting info regarding not to swap parts between cars to avoid VIN lockout situations:

and last but not least, here is info straight from GM eSI regarding the theory of operation of the SBZA:

Object Detection Description and Operation (UFT)

The side blind zone alert (SBZA) system is designed to detect vehicles or other objects that may be located in the vehicles blind spots. This detection is performed by two side object sensors, located behind the rear fascia on each side of the vehicle. When an object is detected in a blind spot, an indicator in the outside rearview mirror will illuminate, notifying the driver that it is unsafe to change lanes.

The SBZA system is made up of the following components:

• Left side object sensor

• Right side object sensor

• Driver door module

• Front passenger door module

• Driver outside rearview mirror

• Passenger outside rearview mirror

Side Object Sensors
The side object sensors are each located behind the rear fascia, positioned so that the sensor is pointing out toward the opposite lane. Each sensor is supplied B+ and ground. The right sensor receives an additional ground. Both sensors communicate independently on the serial data line. The serial data enters the right sensor in a pass-thru configuration, that connects to the left sensor. The scan tool is able to individually communicate with each sensor.

When a vehicle or object is detected by a side object sensor, a serial data message is sent to the appropriate door module to illuminate the indicator located in the outside rearview mirror.

Door Modules
The driver and passenger door modules receive serial data messages from the side object sensors. When a message is received indicating that a vehicle or object is in the blind spot, the appropriate door module will apply voltage to the indicator located in the outside rearview mirror, illuminating the indicator. The door module provides a continuous low reference circuit for the indicator.

Outside Rearview Mirror
The outside rearview mirrors each contain an indicator that is controlled by the appropriate door module. This indicator is illuminated when a vehicle or object is positioned in the vehicle's blind spot.

Side Blind Zone Alert Operation
When the vehicle is started, the indicators located in the outside rearview mirror will briefly illuminate to indicate that the system is operating. The side object sensors cover a zone of approximately one lane over from both sides of the vehicle, 11 ft. or 3.5 m. This zone starts at each side mirror and goes back approximately 16 ft. (5.0 m). The height of the zone is approximately between 1.5 ft. (0.5 m) and 6 ft. (2.0 m) off the ground. When a vehicle or object is detected in this area, the appropriate indicator will be illuminated, indicating to the driver that it is unsafe to change lanes. If a turn signal is activated while the indicator is illuminated, the indicator will flash as a more urgent warning that a lane change may be unsafe.

Foul weather may affect the operation of the SBZA system. Occasional missed alerts can occur under normal circumstances and will increase in wet conditions. The number of missed alerts will increase with increased rainfall or road spray. Heavy rainfall, as well as mud, dirt, snow, ice, or slush build-up on the rear fascia, will completely disable the system.

If the vehicle is towing a trailer or has an object, such as a bicycle rack, attached to the rear of the vehicle, the SBZA system may not function properly and the indicators will remain illuminated at all time.

Side Blind Zone Alert DIC Messages]

This message indicates that the system has been disabled through the DIC. Refer to the vehicle owners manual for instructions on how to set personalization options on the DIC.

This message indicates that the system has been disabled because the sensor is blocked or can otherwise not accurately detect vehicles or objects. Such instances may be mud, dirt, snow, ice, or slush build-up on the rear fascia, heavy rainfall, or excessive road spray.

This message indicates that the system requires service. When the message is displayed, the indicators will remain illuminated at all times, notifying the driver that the SBZA system should not be relied upon when changing lanes.

10-25-12, 11:34 PM
Also curious if we can get it in the Wagon. Isn't the rear pillar on that thing massive?

10-25-12, 11:42 PM
The Caddy website only seems to show it for the Coupe.

10-26-12, 07:17 AM
My Lincoln has a blind spot mirror built into the side view mirrors. That is an idea Cadillac might want to borrow. I thought it was silly first but it's actually useful and I wish my wagon had it