: Fuel Pump Relay

10-22-12, 10:31 AM
Anyone know if there's a recall on the fuel pump or fuel pump relay on the 2011 v coupes? My car has 8100 miles on it and my check engine light came on yesterday with the p0231 code, which is the fuel pump relay, it said there was a short or the circuit was open, pulled the fuel pump fuse and put it back in and the light went off, anyone else experience this?

Cadillac Cust Svc
10-23-12, 10:51 AM
Joe, please drop me a private message if you'd like me to check for any recalls on your V! All I would need is the last eight of your VIN in order to investigate further for you. I'm very sorry to hear about your concerns and am happy to explore your next steps with you anytime.


Cadillac Customer Service