: 2006-2009 DTS Common Problems

10-21-12, 10:54 PM
Hello all, I have a 2000 Deville and I am considering a 2006-2009 DTS. I was wondering what the common problems on these cars are. Do they have the same issues as the 2000-2005 Deviile's? My car has had basically every problem that is common on those cars..just want to see what I would be getting myself into with one of these DTS's..Thanks for your time fellow Cadillac brethren....

I originally posted this in the DTS forum but apparently no one over there cares to answer me...I figured I would try here, sorry for the double post but It seems like the most knowledgeable people hang out in this forum and I really would like to know what im getting myself into..Thanks

10-22-12, 12:53 AM
I'm not entirely sure if they've had enough road time to tell. So far, no. I've only ever heard of ONE with HG issues. That's it.

10-22-12, 03:53 AM
Most of the earlier troubles seem to be fixed, though the model's not old enough to tell for sure. Other than the '93 Northstar technology was a little bit outdated in 2005-2010, it should be fine.

What would've been great; a 6T70/75 equipped with a FWD Northstar, and several updates to improve performance (though as a FWD, 300 hp is adequate), but the model and the engine were both planned for its extinction.

They could have at least kept the RWD Northstar; and make a DI version out of it, bolted with a 6L80. N/A ~360 hp / ~350 lb*ft ? Not bad for a luxury V8 RWD, and probably will still get decent MPG just like the old Northstars did.