: Invisacord + 2013 CTS-V Mirror?

10-21-12, 04:33 AM
The backside of the mirror does not have an electrical connection like years past. I'd like to mount my Escort under the mirror with a Blendmount and use something like an Invisacord to power it. Where do you tap in to hardwire the radar detector?

10-21-12, 08:56 AM

67 455 Bird ragtop
11-16-13, 04:34 PM
Ok. I've read the threads and know which wires to tap into. But, how do you get the cover off the wiring on my 2013 sedan ?? I can get the slide part off but didn't want to start prying on the rest of the cover without knowing what I'm doing and break something.

11-16-13, 05:16 PM
The jack on the Escort is a standard 4-wire RJ11 telco jack. I bought a 12' extension and a splice-block (female to female). I have my Max hanging on its suction cup mount just to the left of the mirror. The extension wire plugs in to the Escort and then tucks up inside the front edge of the headliner. I route it across the passenger side, and then down the A-pillar (tucked in behind the forward edge of the trim panel) to the dash, down under the passenger foot well (tucked up behind the glove box) and across to the center console where it attaches to the Escort's 12V lighter-socket cable, which is plugged in to the center console outlet. Yeah, the wire's visible in a few spots and the lighter socket is permanently in-use. But I didn't have to take anything apart to do it this way and it's a relatively clean installation, nothing dangling anyplace.

11-18-13, 10:29 AM
Mine popped right off with little effort. Hardest part of the install was getting the invisiacord taps in the holes.

11-18-13, 03:59 PM
take the whole mirror off, its much easier to do it that way
just pop the cover off, if I remember it might slide and pop off. its really simple dont over think it. Use a needle nose to assist pushing the invisi cord into the harness