: Any problems with metalized window tint on 05 STS?

10-20-12, 06:55 PM
Is it true that metalized window tint film will or could negatively effect STS sensors? I like the look of metalized v. ceramic based tint, but don't want any issues with TPMS, A/C or other sensors.... Please let me know your experiences.

10-20-12, 09:45 PM
Am/fm radio reception can be impaired.
Gps for the Nav can be impaired.
Otherwise I haven't heard of any other issues. Ceramic does block out heat better.

10-20-12, 10:01 PM

Have that on mine, looks darker than metallized tint of same % and no signal interference of any kind.

10-20-12, 10:51 PM
You shouldn't post duplicate threads. I suspect one of these is going to be locked.