: Should i keep my old tires?

10-19-12, 07:45 PM
Most people who get new tires just let the tire guys do whatever with the old tires. Is there any value in requesting to keep the old tires, assuming they are ps2's and close to or at the tread wear lines?


10-19-12, 09:28 PM
If the wear bars are showing I don't see why you would. Drifters might give you a few bucks for your old tires.

10-19-12, 10:33 PM
5/32"? Worth a little. 3/32" and less? Burn them.

10-19-12, 11:08 PM
do a burn out make a video :)

10-20-12, 03:44 PM
I'd keep 1 front and 1 rear tire in case of an emergency and you need a spare to put on for whatever reason. As long as you have the space, then why not? Replacement tires might be on back order and having an extra that you can put on for a short period could be convenient.

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10-20-12, 10:54 PM
Turn them into a high performance swing in front of your house for the kids! Maybe a great chew toy for a very large dog.

10-24-12, 10:43 AM
do a burn out make a video :)

I just plugged a rear Hankook and I'm at about 50%. A GoPro and some new Hankooks are in order...