: 08 Escalade and Bluetooth or Aux

10-19-12, 05:39 PM
Hello Everyone,
I am a new 08 Escalade owner, I have had the vehicle now since June. I have been reading a lot of post related to Bluetooth and Iphone/Ipod/Andriod hookup lately because I don't believe my vehicle has the ability to stream music via Aux from back of Middle console. My vehicle has Nav/On Star/XM radio/DVD, but I do not have Rear Entertainment System (RES). So, can you give me a little feedback to make sure I am reading all the post correctly. First, can someone just clarify that I can not use my Auxillary connection in the back of middle console to play Iphone/Ipod music so I can stop trying? I have a Auxillary button on the front stereo, is that for the AC only? Just need clarification.. And last, Bluetooth I haven't tried yet, but I was going to go home and try now; do I have that ability automatically with the Nav system or is that another aftermarket setup?

And I really don't want to tear into the vehicle just yet to install a VCIM(spelling) aftermarket Ipod/Iphone/Android hookup? I really love the car right now; and I'm really impressed with everything other than not having the ability to listen to my music on demand. Can anyone give me another option that I can try of aftermarket systems, that will not require me to open the vehicle front panelling to remove the Nav/radio? I really want my wife to have this option, but I'm not ready to go tweaking the vehicle just yet. If that VCIM is the only option worth it though please tell me that too? Prices, and links to whatevers out there would be helpful too.

Sorry if I'm introducing another old feed. But I appreciate any feedback.

10-20-12, 06:59 AM
i simply use a bluetooth receiver plugged into the auxilary port.streams music perfectly.

10-20-12, 07:46 AM
I tried a couple of the Bluetooth setup to get my phone to hook up to my 2008 ESV.

Then I went with the VCIM. I wish I would have done it when I first got my ESV.

It is easy to install and works great!

10-20-12, 02:22 PM
When the VCIM is installed what functions if any do we lose on the Escalade? Onstar still works okay?

10-20-12, 03:36 PM
The Onstar will not work when you change VCIM but it is something that I think is way overpriced and I can do without.

10-20-12, 07:24 PM
Thanks Krieghoff.. Are there any videos I can watch on the installation of a VCIM and also where is the best place to purchase one? Amazon?

10-20-12, 07:48 PM
I don't of any installing videos but there are some on youtube to show you how to pair it.

These are on ebay but don't know if any would fit you 2008.


10-20-12, 07:49 PM
And also, will this allow for Bluetooth and music files integration? I want to make sure I can play iPhone/ Galaxy s music files.

10-20-12, 07:51 PM
The VCIM has nothing to do with music only the phone.


I installed the VCIM and a GMX550 Lockpick at the same time.

10-20-12, 09:12 PM
Thanks again.. I think my wife is more interested in the phone music integration more than the Bluetooth. I read a post about a iPod/iPhone integration that dealership offered and also aftermarket, I'm hoping I can get that for IOS/android hookup.

10-21-12, 06:36 PM
PAC has an integration module that allows music streaming, but I've never used it.

10-21-12, 10:13 PM
So what would be the best way to get music to stream from your phone to the factory stereo via bluetooth?
A bluetooth reciever plugged into the AUX seems cheap and easy are there an specific ones that people would recommend?

10-21-12, 11:06 PM


10-22-12, 02:13 AM
i use Sony Ericsson MW600, almost cd quality .
i bought an L shaped aux in adapter and an aux cable .put the receiver in the glove box and run the cable on the side so it looks neat.
would highly recommend it for a cheap solution.

Cadillac Cust Svc
10-24-12, 02:08 PM
CSIPerformance & brogers710, I see you're getting great DIY help from owners, and I wanted to let you know I'm available via email (Katie_Lucille@gmexpert.com) for further assistance. Please don't hesitate to send me a message if you have lingering questions!

Cadillac Customer Service

Kazo Zako
10-24-12, 11:17 PM
It is very simple, dollar store $1 3.5 mm to RCA cable then 1$ RCA male to male (extension cable) to AUX, done! Works with any phone with 3.5 mm jack. Bluetooth as said above any good BT stereo unit (Sony, LG , Samsung) to wiring above. Never used pay XM , had HTC now Galaxy III with over 1000 radio stations around the world to pick from ... sound quality excellent.

10-25-12, 07:38 AM
I thought the VCIM option was over priced plus I am pretty sure you need to have a dealer program it for your vehicle. I ended up buying a bluestar, plug and play, you unplug your on star this goes in its spot and my bluetooth works fine, as for aux, I bought a pie aux connection, jumped that in were the xm plugs, you keep the xm and also can use aux, works great, never had a problem. Also bluestar gives military discount, and was really helpful in answering my questions. Hope this helpls.

10-25-12, 08:52 AM
I paid $250 for my VCIM and installed it in about 15 minutes.

There is no dealer programing.

I wish I would have bought when I first got my ESV.

After I installed it I lost OnStar but didn't care. It is a way over priced service.

11-13-12, 06:28 PM
Do aux the ones from isimple and PAC is no good, bc your xm radio stations get messed up and when u use the preset button on the steering wheel it goes all over not in your preset order.