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10-19-12, 01:47 PM
Since forums are often filled with negatives about a product/company, I wanted to take the opportunity to post the great experience I had with Cadillac Customer Care and a local dealership. One month ago, I took delivery of a 2013 Cadillac XTS Platinum edition. It was a dealer trade that was driven 100 miles that morning to my local dealership, Serra Cadillac of Washington MI. Before purchasing the car, I visually inspected it, but unfortuately did not feel the need to drive it before signing the paperwork. After completing the paperwork and driving away, the car immediately was shifting poorly and I had to return to the dealership after only driving it about three miles. The next day I was informed the car needed a new transmission and transfer case, but the parts were showing as unavailable in the parts ordering system with no known date for availability. Of course, I found it unacceptable to purchase a new car and not be able to take delivery of it or be given a firm date of when it would be fixed. So, I opened a case immediately with Customer Care. I was also not pleased with buying a car that already needed major mechanical repairs and did not want this car even after it was fixed. However, as I was informed by Cadillac Customer Care, I entered into a contract with the dealership to purchase the car and I now owned it. They stated it would be repaired under the warranty sold with the car.

After several frustrating calls with Cadillac and the dealership, I finally received the car with a new transmission a little over two weeks later. While it was being fixed, the Dealer worked with GM/Cadillac on my behalf to get approval to submitted a new order for a replacement car. (No Red AWD Platinum Editions existed in the area) Once the order was in the order system, a Cadillac representative put a priority on the building of the replacement car. After driving the original car for only two weeks, my replacement arrived and I was able to take delivery of it within 48 hours once all the new paperwork was completed.

While the process itself was very upsetting at times, I think both the Serra Cadillac dealership in Washington MI and GM/Cadillac went above and beyond to ensure I received a car I was happy with. This was my fourth Cadillac purchase and because of the way this issue was resolved, it won't be my last Cadillac!

Kudos to both the Serra dealership and GM/Cadillac!

10-19-12, 06:24 PM
I am very happy to hear this good news for you. It is the right thing to do..and Cadillac, and the dealership did accept responsibility for "complete customer satisfaction". If you want to be "The Standard of the World" it is the right thing to do...Good luck with the new car, and many happy miles of driving!

10-19-12, 07:06 PM
I am not surprised. Cadillac has the best customer service in the industry and that was a big problem. They made it right your happy and have one of the hottest cars in the world.

Now drive that beauty and enjoy !!! :).

Marc NY
10-21-12, 01:16 PM
I am very glad to hear that you were taken care of... :D

I drove an XTS awhile back and I just loved it. :yup: I hope your latest ride will meet all of your expectations and more! :thumbsup: