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Night Wolf
12-17-04, 12:10 AM
Well... for the most part the DeVilles are away.... I am all-Oldsmobile now... this weekend I have 1 thing left to do with both of them... then I'll pull the battery and be done... I finally got the Olds running... normally now (long story) so it is a good time...

...but, I figured I would type up my logbook to the car in Excel, so I did... so then I thought about posting it.. I think it is interesting, feel free to take a look:

Night Wolf
12-22-04, 05:19 PM

12-22-04, 08:07 PM
That is pretty good that you take such good records. I would to but it gets kayouse between my dad taking it in and me asking what was done. I usually just keep track of it all in my head.
Best wishes with the Olds

CONGRADULATIONS ON 2000 POSTS!!!!! :thumbsup:

Night Wolf
12-23-04, 12:57 AM
well, I keep the logbook w/ pen in the pocket behind the driver seat, and my big atlas behind the passenger seat... I just put everything into Excel.... as soon as I do work, it gets written down in the book.

The Olds had a bad chain reaction of problems.... I just now got everything squared away... only things left to do are replace the horn ring I broke, fix the vaccum line I broke (no cruise)... I'll get the parts tomorrow at the junkyard... but now... wiat for Progressive to call me back and send someone out to look at my car becuase it got hit by someone... so when I get the money for that, I'll fix it myself best I can and save the money....

heh... yeah 2k posts... I am becoming "one of them" :)

what does that saying in your sig mean? Rio was the name of my Siberian Huskey... she died last week :( 15yrs old though... she lived a good life :)

12-23-04, 08:50 PM
Rio... 80s song?