: New 99 Eldo owner

12-16-04, 11:54 PM
Hi all,

I came into the Eldo by pure chance, sort of love at first sight. It started when I was at the Caddy dealer looking at a new SRX. I was looking to replace a 91 Riveria, and thought I would try out a car with more room. After the test drive we came back, and I saw the Eldo sitting in the front parking lot. It was beautiful, Diamond white, Landau top, barritz chrome, and perfectly mirrored cadillac chrome rims. I saw that it had owner plates on it, I commented that I always liked the Eldorado, and to be honest I would buy that car in a minute. The salesmen picked up on this and told me it will be for sale real soon. The owner was inside signing the papers on a new CTS, and when it was delivered to her, this Eldo will be for sale.

It was a nervous few days waiting for the Eldo to be available, I really wanted a test drive in it. The day arrived, I got in, started it up, and the first thing i noticed was 12000 miles on the odo! HOLY COW! I thought. "Why was she selling this car?" I asked. He replied, "She was getting older, and this car was too big for her now.". The drive was great, and I signed the papers when I got back. They had the complete maintence records for the car ready for me with the CarFacts report stapled to it for me to take home. I smile every time I think about it behind the wheel of how close I could have missed the Eldo...

12-17-04, 08:53 AM
Hey man I'm happy for you. I bought my 99 ETC 4 weeks ago. Diamond white, chrome rims, vinyl top, gold trim, 16,000 miles. I payed 17k.

12-17-04, 09:00 AM
Welcome Fritzm!

That is one nice Eldo! They look nice in white diamond. Good luck.
Thanks for joining the forum.