: No More Chipped and Marred Wheels

10-18-12, 04:36 PM
In another thread, I was concerned about dinging my new Graphite wheels the first time I have to buy tires. Well, I think I've found a solution called Rim Shield. It's a pair of hard nylon protectors that slip between the tire and the wheel so the tire guy doesn't lever against the expensive wheel and damage the paint or powdercoat. At $15 a pair, you can carry them in every car you've got.



They were designed with the motorcycle crowd in mind but work just fine on cars.

(before anybody says anything about the Vette, I don't take delivery of the V-wagon until tomorrow)

10-18-12, 05:09 PM
<something about the Vette>

10-18-12, 05:15 PM
you're gonna need TWO PAIR!


10-18-12, 06:22 PM
I like it i might pick up a pair :)