: CUE and Text/email

10-18-12, 09:53 AM
My CUE manual gives the impression that CUE can read incoming phone messages. However, I cannot find that option in the actual CUE menu.

I have a iPhone 5, and notice that that the incoming alerts are muted on the phone.

is this feature available in CUE, as described in the manual?

10-18-12, 12:37 PM
I have the same issues with my iPhone 4 and now iPhone 5. I called customer service and was told SMS/Text integration is "not available in CUE at this time but perhaps in a future update". I asked them then why did you put it in the owners manual and on your website that CUE is SMS capable. I got no satisfactory response. I had high hopes but am very disappointed with the CUE system and find the muting of my text alerts unacceptable. Cadillac has been unresponsive to my issues and unless they fix them CUE will be another Ford SYNC/BMW first generation I drive disaster.

10-19-12, 11:08 PM
It has the capability. It just isn't offered right now. Slow your roll.

10-21-12, 05:04 PM
I had the first generation iDrive in a 530xi and it was not the disaster that everyone was foretelling. The CUE is similar in that both have a steep learning curve (and I speak for myself). Apps not being available when the manual has a chapter on it is not unusual; the manual may also have other info that isn't even pertinent to your version of the XTS. Cadillac should have had it available, but it isn't the end of the world and, it is without a doubt, that the update will be available soon. My "65,000 dollar X5" needed to get computer updates a year later; my Harley had a recall on a part that keeps the motor running when leaning into a turn; my '04 Corvette had a recall on electronic problem with the steering mechanism; etc. The point is it will be fixed/remediated/updated; just be patient.

10-22-12, 10:05 AM
The new Honda Accord has SMS/Text control in its driver info system. An Accord. No excuse not to have the feature working on a premium vehicle.

11-26-12, 03:00 PM
Any thoughts from GM when they might "enable " this advertised feature?

12-06-12, 08:53 PM
Check out my response here in the ATS section: