: 1965 deVille Convertible - 429 engine rebuild downunder

10-17-12, 02:14 AM
Hi, I've just imported a 1965 Cadillac deville Convertible into Australia from the US for my own use, unfortunately the car wasn't as it was described and it needs an engine rebuild, the engine number is F5190880, and I believe it has the original transmission, its either a Turbo 350 or 400, I can't get any specs on what its really is over here.
My concern now is that no one over here (that i can find) seems to know anything about these 429 engines, and when I do some research, for example on various US websites, there is much more information on the 472 & 500 engines, this concerns me a bit - have i bought the wrong car?
Should i have bought something a couple of years newer with a 472 or 500? - although its too late now, I love this '65 caddy, I love it's shape and everything about it so I will persevere to get it going right - can you help me with some advice on how not to make a mistake in getting this engine rebuilt, I do have a good guy who has a great machine shop and engine rebuilding business, he's been around doing this for over 25 years and says he is happy to work with me to get this engine rebuilt right, however he is mainly experienced in older Chevys.. - what guidance can any of you give so we can get this done right the first time.
Thanking you in advance.

Frank Nardone