: Come one, come all, Headed to the strip 10-21, N. Alabama

Brian in GA
10-15-12, 10:56 AM
Hey everybody,

I am planning on heading to Steele Al ( http://www.alabamainternationaldragway.com/ ) on Sunday 10-21 for test and tune. I've reached out to a few on this board who are local to the Atlanta area. If you're interested chime in so we can know what to expect. It'll be pretty cool having a V contingent show up for an afternoon of racing and comeraderie.


Brian in GA
10-18-12, 10:59 PM

Weather looks great, sunny and a high of 72, perfect if they'll hook!

Just me and my brother in his Camaro SS so far, still trying to get extrabolts to go but he's been racing his other car for the past few weekends. I think he will have to sleep in the V if he comes with us. I'm still working on Vinatl , danstang has a bday party. Whatcop is headed to the 1/2 mile.

There's a lot of us in Atlanta, you talk the talk, come walk the walk!!