: 2005 Escalade (ESV) Power Seat Non Functioning (Free Fix W/Pics)

10-15-12, 07:22 AM

Lost all power to drivers seat only. No forward/reverse, tilt or bolster/lumbar. The passenger side works normally.

First things I checked, obvisously fuse, but alas I have looked in the manual and online, couldn't find location. I did come across a couple of circuit breakers, one under hood and one inside cab, both checked out ok. I then moved my attention to the underside of the drivers seat, what a nightmare. All visable wires looked connected and unscathed.

Under Dash Circuit Breakers:



I then decided to look at the Power Seat Module itself, once removed from the lower seat cushion, I found its a sealed unit. I decided to swap out with the passenger to see if the module itself failed. The working passenger side Power Seat Module did not work on the drivers side. I replaced both back to their proper places.


Moving along, I went to the ole stand by, Google. There were many sites that recommended going to a dealer and having the module updated with new software, umm at the time I did not consider this an option. One site had mentioned to pull the 30 AMP circuit breaker for 30 seconds to reset the modules, that did not work. I continued on, many, many pages into Google, I found a site that someone posted "chaffed wires" at main power connection. Ah ha, so I contorted myself between the rear seat and drivers seat where I found the Main Power Cover, I removed it to find the power wires (no chaffed wires), I wiggled the two harnesses, and tried to move seat, BINGO loose wires at the main connection. I used small zip ties to secure the connectors together.



Drivers side seat, now is in proper working order, forward/backwards, tilts, and bolster/lumbar

10-15-12, 08:05 AM
Excellent write up!! Thank you for taking the time and energy to post this! Google can certainly be a friend--yet daunting at the same time :).

Thanks again!!


the cadillac man
10-15-12, 11:23 AM
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10-15-12, 01:38 PM
Thanks for the thanks Mitch and your welcome.

Hope it helps someone out someday.

10-22-12, 12:31 AM
I want to say thanks also, my seat hasn't worked for about a year now and it wasn't so bad for me cause it was stuck in my spot, however, the bad part was that the heated seat didn't work. Took me about 5 min to get it working again, that includes the time it took to read the post! Thanks

10-22-12, 01:11 PM
Phranke thanks for the thanks.

I am glad that I was able to help you out.

03-23-14, 07:32 PM
Thank you very much!
this is Exactly what was wrong with our truck!