: Vegas Members?

10-14-12, 11:43 AM
Hi Vegas members I will be in Vegas Nov 4th to the 10th, Will there be any Auto shows,races,events at all during this time frame? I have been to Vegas 8 or 9 times in the last 10 years. 2011 was our last trip out that way, Any info on things my wife and I can check out? We have been to quite a bit so post anything and everything we may enjoy. Thanks.

larry arizona
10-14-12, 12:01 PM
drl. just got back on friday from vegas with the boys and goin back with wife nov 25-28. couple cool things are the car collection at imperial palace,its free but print out free tickets before you go. wife and i went to circue de solie zumanity show last year and it was awesome and there is top notch female nudity so heads up and make sure ur wife is up for that. strip clubs are stellar spearmint rhino and olympic gardens r cool. call club for free limo to club and then u get free cover but you need to get a taxi on your own to get back to ur hotel. there is a place to rent exotic sports cars to run on a road course and there is a place called dig it where u go into the desert and use construction equipment like giant sanbox and adult tonka toys. cool bars at the cosmo which are as much fun and entertainment as most night clubs minus the cover charge and cheaper drinks. by far the best breakfast buffet is at mandalay bay and i have tried almost all of them. todd english pub at aria is great sports bar and had the best beer selection in vegas go between 3 and 6 for happy hour half price pints.......

10-14-12, 12:49 PM
Larry, yes we have seen all the circue shows great entertainment, My wife is fine with the strip clubs, She actually tends bar at a local strip club a couple of nights a week for a friend who ownes the club. I did not know about the limo ride with free entrance. We will check it out along with the spearmint rhino never been to that one. Went last year to rent an exotic car to run around the track but bad timing as they were closed so we went to the Shelby America tour which was way cool as Carroll was in and actually stopped for a minute while in his golf cart and said hello and thanks for attending, way cool. Cosmo? will add this to our list. I also agree mandalay has a great breakfast buffet. We also like Hash House a go go the one off the strip I think on Sahara? Imperial Palace I forgot about that one I was there several years ago they had some cool cars I will check it out again. Thanks.

larry arizona
10-14-12, 02:26 PM
wives that are cool with female nudity are keepers..... cosmo bars within the casino floor are packed and that was on a wed night last week. super nice peeps and fun time. plenty of talent to talk too. i travel to utah for work several times a year and found if you route through vegas airfare is 100 to 200 cheaper so its a company cost save. take a few personal days and its a free trip to vegas. pulled it off for the superbowl last year. SB in vegas is the best. been 6x in the last 15 months.

10-14-12, 05:01 PM
We are doing this for the third year http://www.monstermashcarbash.com/index.html
It's October 20th so it's before you are here though. Thought I'd throw it out there if your dates happen to change, or others are in town then. My Vagon will be there decorated as a hearse. Heh...