: need computer chip for my 4.9 swap

10-12-12, 09:50 AM
Hi to all,,, I have a free bee 95 caddy deville with the 4.9 and I want to swap it in my 92 lumina Z34,,,, my stock computer is the equivalence of the 7730 model,,, the only difference is that its weather proofed,,, now I want to retain the original tranny of my Z34,, 4T60-E wich is beefed up (H-D) with kevlar clutchs and reinforced sprokets,,, anyways I must get a chip done to run the 4.9 batch mode (like my 3.4DOHC is) with the auto tranny and with the Caddy distributor,,,, later on I will be supercharging the 4.9 ... If anyone can help me out here it will be appreciated!! And yes,,, I will pay the person who can burn me that chip... Thanks

10-12-12, 11:13 AM
Check out the forums at fiero.nl

Many 4.9 tuners there that can help you out.