: Has anyone ever had their car on Passtime?

Brian in GA
10-11-12, 08:06 PM
Has anyone ever had their car, their V on Passtime? I think it would be pretty funny if one of the low 10 or 9 second guys showed up and head faked them all with a low-key screamin V. One of my friends who is a grip for movie production companies apparently worked with them and then got to run his 1967 convertible Buick Skylark with a 455ci. He turned a mid-high 12 second pass. On another date he ended up being a contestant because someone no showed them. My buddy sucked and didn't win anything that night which explains why he didn't tell me he was on. I caught it at a later date and called him to f&ck with him for sucking so badly.

I agree with most that that show is just a time filler when there's nothing else on but it IS a street level drag race show so I catch it from time to time.

I would go on it in a heartbeat if they came to Atlanta Dragway.

Just wondering........


V Wagon
10-12-12, 10:01 AM
I enjoy the show and am pretty decent at predicting the times most of the time. I don't know of anyone that has had a V on the show but they did an episode at the tack here and I have a friend that got his Dodge A100 pick up on.

It is apparently quite a different experience. A lot of sitting around. They don't let you run your car in the staging lane at all because they don't want the added noise on TV so you basically have to run your car cold.

It wouldn't have to be one of the real fast V's to be interesting. Even a stock wagon would be cool to see on the show as a good pass would really throw the contestants for a loop.