: cruise control cable

10-11-12, 04:58 PM
96 sts. has broken cruise control cable end. got new cable. it is the same length as old one. i see the module or controller by firewall is electric, not vacuum operated. has stepper motor inside? i removed old cable from unit and there is a yellow woven mesh lead that attaches to cruise cable. it pulls out perhaps 2" from module. i hooked up cable and reinserted housing into module and tried to attach other end of cable to throttle. i do rotate throttle about 90deg or wide open but cable is too short. i than tried to take off cable housing at module end and the yellow woven mesh lead seems to have retracted inside module. i cannot even see the yellow mesh now. how do i get the yellow mesh lead to extend? or am i missing something?

10-11-12, 09:32 PM
got it. nylon mesh lead from module has a D shaped connector. it slides inside the larger molded cable assy which is also D shaped. you nest them together and apply tension on braided cruise cable and carefully snap other end piece onto throttle cam pin with your 3rd hand. seems there is an assembly order which is not real clear in FSM.