: Just wanted to say "Hi"

12-16-04, 10:30 AM
I picked up my 05 CTS last month. I wanted black-on-black, but the dealer could not locate one with the options I wanted. However, they had a moonstone STS on the showroom floor and I fell in love with the color, so we found a moonstone-on-black CTS.

I can't begin to describe how impressed I am with the car, and how great a deal I received between the GM incentives and a long-standing relationship with a great dealership.

I've lurked here since I got the CTS, and this seems to be a great site and a great resource...

...oh, there is one downside...there may be snow coming to the northeast soon...so tough to keep the car clean in winter.


12-16-04, 04:46 PM
Welcome 05moonstone!

Great looking CTS! Nice color combo. I know what you mean about keeping clean, with no garage my Blk/Blk Concours looks like hell during the winter! I have many, many coats of (Zaino) wax on the car to protect her during the long winter months. Every time the temp rises above 40 on the weekends I give it a good wash and apply another coat. When Spring arrives I strip it all off and start all over again! Good luck with your CTS. Thanks for joining the forum.

12-16-04, 09:37 PM
Thanks for the welcome, Paul.

This is the first dark car I've owned (I've been pretty partial to white in the past), and being meticulous, I figured I'd give Zaino a try. I've been able to get 5 coats on before the cold has hit, but I'll hope for a good weekend over the winter to add some more. I can say that I'm as impressed with the Zaino as I've been with the CTS.