: NC Dealer takes Customer's Camaro SS for a little joyride.

10-10-12, 01:22 AM
Some dealer in NC took a customer's car out for a joyride. It was in for service, and he was suspect of it being abused on a prior trip, so he hid a tape recorder in the car. Makes ya feel good, don't it??


10-10-12, 01:55 AM
Awesome. If only everyone did that. Tape that is, not the abuse and fraud!

This was one of my favorites.


10-10-12, 02:37 AM
Hell it pissed me off when I had a car in a shop once a long time ago. I was out in my other car, and saw the lady that sits behind the desk driving it and smoking in it!!! First off I'm not a smoker and, although every now and again, I'd give my friends permission to smoke in them, I hate people who think it's their car to just smoke in as they please. Btw, I don't let ANYBODY smoke in my STS. Not even my mom. Lol

But anyways, secondly, how's the lady who answers the phones, have ANY business driving MY car. It's not like she knows how to diagnose if the original problem was fixed. So I'm sure she was running an errand in my car. I picked it up later that day and gave em an earful. Told em they were lucky I wasn't gonna sue em for letting an unauthorized person drive my car. I don't know if I really coulda sued em but just wanted to scare em a bit. But I stopped letting others work on my cars after that. Unless it's something tranny related or a timing issue that is.

10-11-12, 12:17 AM
I woulda threatened them a little bit :D

As for some good news,


Looks like the dealer did the right thing, IMHO.