: Upgrade our headlights?

10-09-12, 10:55 PM
I have had my v for roughly 4 years now and I seriously can't stand how my headlights barely light the road anymore. Solution: upgrade. I have been pondering upgrading from our factory 35watt 4300k D1S HIDs to a 55watt 6000k or 8000k (depending on what would illuminate the road better for me). I have been searching for a while now and have found some kits that appear to work with factory hid headlights. Is this possibly for our cars? If so, can someone please give me a name or a number or website to visit.

10-10-12, 01:25 AM
6000k is brighter then 8000k. And many of us have upgraded headlights and hid kits. I didn't like the built in ballast and bulb system so I took it all out and installed aftermarket headlights and hids instead.

That's the route I would chose as you get brand new lenses with no scratches or corrosion an brand new hids to your colour choosing. I'd go from 4300k to 6000k max. And personally I use 35w so I'm not blinding on comming traffic.

Many companies on eBay are selling the dual halo projector kit on eBay for our cars with hids. I'd check them out

10-10-12, 02:28 AM
Would 55watt really be that much of an issue? What vehicles (if any) currently use 55watt oem HIDs? Why would I replace the projector lens?

10-10-12, 09:30 AM
You can just upgrade the hids. But I was assumkng your housings were scratched up and corroded from use over time as you said you hate how your headlights don't light up the road anymore.

But if you're just upgrading the hids stick with 4300-6000k, if you go any hire you are just back tracking and actually getting dimmer lights.

10-10-12, 06:27 PM
A word about color temperature: I recommend buying 4300K bulbs (they can vary between 4100-4500K by manufacturer). Not only do they give you significantly better output than any other color temperature, they have that clean, white-blue-purple "sparkle" (technically, it's a chromatic abberation causing different wavelengths of light to have different focal lengths) as you transition through the extreme edges of the projection lens. You lose that sparkle when you transition to blue lights because you aren't injecting the full spectrum of light into the lens. Imagine viewing a $100,000 diamond solitaire under a blacklight. It looks flat.

Most people buy 55W ballasts with 6000K+ headlights because they're trying to recapture lost brightness with cheap, off-color bulbs. Never buy Asian bulbs. LEDs from Asia are fine, but their bulbs have poor chemistry, resulting in poor longevity (especially when driven by 55W ballasts) and the glass often contains a mild blue filter that reduces light output even more. Recall that, by definition, a lumen is a unit of luminous flux, which differs from power in that it takes into account the sensitivity of the human eye to different frequencies of light. If you read through Phillips HID datasheets, you'll notice that QUALITY German 4300K bulbs make 3400 lumens @ 35W, 5000K bulbs make about 2800 lumens, and 6000K bulbs make about 2400 lumens. That's a 1000 lumen drop to get a crappy, ricey color.

By contrast, 55W ballasts produce ridiculous amounts of light (5000-5500 lumens) in conjunction with a properly built 4300K bulb and good projection lenses.

10-11-12, 08:18 AM
Fuzzy hit it on the head :thumbsup:. The only thing I can add is that I too think you need to do something about the headlight lens before fubbering up you stock wiring to go brighter.


10-11-12, 04:16 PM
No way would I put 55w HID lights in. We do some HID lighting and the quality 35w stuff is plenty. We use the 55w for off road use or people that drive in remote areas.