: O2 sensor: current vs history code

10-09-12, 08:14 AM
i have been getting the code, P0134 for several months. might get it once a week, than every day. i access codes while driving and it almost always will say current, yet i can clear it. how can you clear a current code? sometimes it says history. i dropped my trans last week and now i am still getting 0134 code and i am also getting a new code, 0154 for front bank sensor. i had issue before i unhooked wire harnesses and now i have more issues after. i checked all the harnesses. grounds are attached. i did not touch the front sensor or even unplug it when i did the trans. is it possible both sensors are touchy?

10-11-12, 07:16 PM
i did reattach a ground terminal next to gear switch selector on top of trans. i pulled motor 5 yrs ago and am sure it was undone than but may not of been hooked up when motor got reinstalled? i pulled trans last week and this ground lead is part of harness which is impossible to see. i removed trans/motor bracket and i noticed it. i really cannot recall if it was hooked up or not before i did trans. so i figured every ground terminal should be bolted down. duh. i did and drove car today and got no code 0134 or 0154. not sure what harness goes too? the 0134 code has been on/off for most of the summer. but the 0154 code only showed up after i did trans.