: just got new tires and found a great deal

10-08-12, 11:52 PM
I purchased 4 brand new tires from a great store online. Only cost me $116 a piece plus $54 for shipping. I had Walmart Balance and mount them that cost $64. and I didn't have to pay taxes on the tires so I saved about $60.

The tires I got were General G-max os3 . They are 10/32 so they will last long. they have a 40k mile tread life warranty. The best part is they have tread montering technology. When its time to replace there is writing on it that turns read donw the middle of the tread. they also feature alignment montering. so when you have an odd wear it will let you by indicating in read after it has worn down.

They are all season, Ultra High Performance 225/50 ZR 17 94w. I like them so far caint wait for snow...... kinda

10-09-12, 01:52 AM
Had me all hyped up and then the let down...wrong forum

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