: 06 sts suspension problem

10-07-12, 09:13 PM
I recently bought a 06 sts with the magnetic ride suspension. I noticed that the shocks on my drivers side seem to be banging when i go over sharp bumps. They make a bvanging sound that has me worried. The car rides beautiful on the highway and most of the time but on a bumpy road all it does is bang and the sound comes from the drivers side. Any help anyone can give would be much appreciated.,

10-09-12, 01:54 PM
The banging sound could be almost anything rattling around and the noise getting transmitted somewhere else. Get it up on a lift, grab hold of anything you see and yank it around. Look for shiny spots on pieces that shouldn't be contacting anything.

11-27-12, 10:31 PM
i have the same thing with my newly puchased 2011 STS V6 AWD, someone said check the rear door strikers but they are fine, seems like a shock issue to me, going in next week to have it looked at

11-28-12, 12:40 AM
Have you checked the lower control arm bushings? This can definitely produce a nice clunk sound and from what I've read here that is a common issue on these cars. Had one go on my 2001 Seville, sounded terrible until I replaced it. Unfortunately the bushing is not sold separately anywhere, have to purchase the entire control arm.

11-28-12, 07:39 PM
Try switching to "PERFORMANCE" mode, and observe the difference,I notice when I go over speed
'bumps it tends to "Bottom" out a little, in touring mode.
But I don't push it hard when going over speed bumps. :thumbsup::thumbsup: