View Full Version : J 42069 Cam Tool Kit for timing belt change

10-06-12, 02:31 AM
I sold my Catera a few months ago. I have the OTC 6687 GM 6 cylinder cam tool set from when I changed the timing belt last year. I no longer need the kit and I would like to sell it. I used the kit once and it performed wonderfully. I am going to sell for $80, the cheapest I can find anywhere else is 120 so I think It is a fair price. I am thinking paypal will be the simplest form of payment and security, but we can work something out if that won't work for you. If you are interested or have questions contact me at my email courtmarshall85@hotmail.com

Thank you all.

10-06-12, 04:34 PM
Advertising isn't allowed in this section of the forums. However, you can list the kit in the classifieds section, free of charge.

Also, posting personal information, on a public forum, isn't a good idea. I'd recommend editing your post, and removing your email address.