: Know anything about Hankook i-cept W310 winter tires?

10-05-12, 01:55 PM
Discount Tire Direct recommended them, but I cant find much info online.

I was considering the Dunlop Winter Sport M3 tires, but the Hankooks came with a strong recommendation and are $200 less. i'm looking at 255/45-18 all around.

I'd love to hear some opinions on them if anyone has used them. I searched the forums for "W310" and got 0 hits.

Thanks guys

10-05-12, 11:41 PM
I wouldn't want to try something w/o a LOT of miles of use in surveys. Secondly, make sure you want/need winter tires vs. all seasons.

10-06-12, 10:17 AM
The Pirelli were out of stock last year, so I picked up some of the Hankooks - 255/55/19 all around on 19x8.5 wheels. We didnt see much snow in Chicago, but they did great in a few inches of accumulation and have great dry performance. I am very impressed with the first 4-5k miles of these tires. Great price and great performance so far.