: Navigation not equipped with bluetooth?

10-05-12, 11:24 AM
I bought a used 2008 CTS with navigation and my dealer is telling me it is not equipped with Bluetooth. They said it was first offered in 09 with some late 08 models having it however there is a whole section about it in my manual. Why would it be in the manual if it wasn't even available? Any thoughts about this?

10-13-12, 01:33 AM
Yes, it's possible. I had a 2008 CTS that also had a manual indicating Bluetooth. When I couldn't pair my phone, I called the CAC and after giving them my VIN, they told me it didn't have Bluetooth. I think Bluetooth was included about 5 months after the new body style became available.

10-22-12, 08:12 PM
Thanks, I appreciate the feedback.