: 2010 CTS 4 with 3.0L mods...need some help.

10-04-12, 01:00 PM
I have a 2010 CTS 4 with the 3.0L...it is a corporate car and to make that long story short...I am stuck with it which is great...I love it, great car...but I would like to push up the HP, not worried about the MPG and make it loud. I have pre 70's car and jeeps but this is the daily d and would like to enjoy it a bit more. Would love people to say...why did he do that?

Exhaust kits for it?...headers?...it a dual exhaust factory car....any thoughts?
Lowering kits?
I have the black/gray inserts where the fog lamps would go and the black grill...any parts in the aftermarket to dress those that are not two sided tape on?
Tuners? Chips?

Thank you!


10-06-12, 10:28 AM
Well the car only has 223 tq at a high rpm so it is an uphill battle. I would see if any of the stuff li,e ported throttle bodies, and cat backs would work. Can't do headers on a 3L. It has a single in head exhaust port.
I am sure you can get a few extra hp out of it but you Are still going to be down 50 tq over a 3.6l