View Full Version : Time it takes to get a order number when ordering a new V?

10-03-12, 01:32 PM
The dealer ordered a Vagan for me around a week ago, still no order number yet? Anybody know how long this takes? I really don't expect to have this car until around Christmas, but who knows maybe a miracle will happen?

10-03-12, 04:01 PM
My wife and I watched the new car manager pick all the options she desired for the CTS-V Sedan on his computer on Saturday September 1, 2012, then about the end of the week Thursday or Friday, we got a call from him informing us that he had received a code 2000 that our order number QPJJNB dealer allocation had been accepted by GM.

10-03-12, 04:23 PM
James, not sure I understand your post? It was the end of the week this past thursday or friday or the thursday and friday the week following sept 1st? I'd think I should have an order number sometime soon. Surprised one is not generated as soon as the order goes in. My dealer claims they put the order in, so I guess I have to believe them at this point, nothing more I can do. I was just nervous of waiting for nothing, I've got around 70 grand tied up right now including my taxes paid on the 2012 I turned back over to the dealer.

10-03-12, 04:49 PM

I do not remember the exact date we received the call with our order number, it was September 6 or 7 maybe, I do remember I was off of work that Monday and the new car manager told us that the order would be on hold at the dealership until Tuesday September 4, 2012 because it would not process on a Labor Day holiday weekend.