: concours will not crank in cold weather

12-15-04, 08:21 AM
i have a 94 concours with the 4.6L northstar and when the temp gets below about 58 deg. it will not start. Lights and everything else works fine and it does make a clicking sound under the hood but thats it. Once it warms up over 60 it will start right up. I live in Florida so it starts just fine all year long until we get to Dec thru Feb. I replaced the starter, the starter enable relay and have tried to check the ignition wiring and connections and can't find anything wrong. I havn't checked the key pass decoder module yet, havn't been able to locate it. any suggestions. Roxanne

the battery checks out good and you can't jump start it either.

Andrew M. Franklin
12-15-04, 08:46 AM
If the starter is clicking, I would imagine your pass decoder system is working properly - when mine went bad on my '94 N* the key would turn, the dash would light up, but there was no crank or click or anything. Hope this helps a little. Sincerely, Andy.

12-15-04, 02:52 PM
You need a new battery.

12-15-04, 03:21 PM
I'd run a multimeter off the battery to see what the current is on the battery cold. I honestly doubt that the battery is the problem. To test for sure, try giving it a jump from another car. If this doesn't work, then it is DEFINITELY not the battery at fault. I would tend to look towards the starter solenoid or some other relay.

Any other abnormalities noticed lately?

12-15-04, 03:46 PM
It doesn't look like a bad battery to me.
Try to notice, when you crank cold if lights dimm a lot. If not at all that can be relay. If light dimms a lot and no crank sound it may be a bad battery or bad connection between battery' terminal and cable.
The cable connection is the most common problem. It's usually bad connection between "-" terminal and cable. I never heard about bad connection between the cable and the starter but I suppose it can happened too.

12-15-04, 04:27 PM
the lights do not dim at all. i thought it might be the pass key decoder module or possibly be the netrual switch relay but I havn't been able to find where they are. I may also change out the battery cables even though they look fine

12-15-04, 04:44 PM
You noticed strong temperature dependancy, is'nt it? If that dependancy really strong, I mean if there are no big gap between working and non-working temperatures (I'm not sure I said it clear), so it more looks like electronic components falure.

12-15-04, 05:11 PM
this is my third winter with the same problem. And the problem is living in florida when it won't start i can't get it to the shop and once it starts it's warm for weeks on end. But as soon as the temp drops it won't start. Any suggestions on what else i can check. and where it would be located Thanks'

12-15-04, 05:24 PM
May be it sounds funny, but I remember a trick I used to find sometimes bad electronic components: If your car in a garage or at least you have an electricity outhere take a hot air blower (hair drier) and warm up parts you suspect. Unfortunately, I don't know what parts and where to check. But sometimes it helps.
Of course, the best way to have a scheme and find problem using a tester.

12-15-04, 06:12 PM
If not the battery, then you have a poor connection, either hot or ground to the starter solenoid or to the engine. You may have to remove the ground straps & bolts to clean up corrosion at one or both ends.

The other possibility is a bad ignition switch but with your temperature relation, I'm betting it's a poor connection.
Make sure there is no corrosion on your battery connections.

What is your voltage prior to & just after trying to crank when it's cold?

12-15-04, 11:37 PM
Sounds like a bad ground cable connection. The next time you start the car, use a jumper cable to jump from the negative battery cable directly to a good solid ground on the engine. IF the engine cranks fine then start looking at the batery negative ground cable connection at the chassis end and the ground strap between the engine and cradle.

12-16-04, 07:12 AM
the voltage at the battery is 12 prior to trying to start and drops to 11.9. i did try using the jumper cables as a ground and it did nothing. we also unhooked the purple wire going to the starter and when you try to start it, you still get the clicking sound under the hood so i don't think the click is the starter. http://www.racingstrong.com/toystar/reference/Starter.pdf has an article on ignition problems. I have been going thru the steps they recommend and so far everything checks out. but now I am at a standstill because i can't locate the pass key decoder module. I'm going to try and locate a schematic today. And we are going to put a new negative battery cable on tonight

12-16-04, 09:55 AM
I'm not sure, but I think if pass key decoder module was bad you not gonna hear clicking sound.
The cable cost a lot. What can happened with a cable? Became a plastic and doesn't conduct a current anymore? Just connections can be bad and needs to clear. Terminal on a battery should be cleaned also.