View Full Version : Rear differential removal, need to remove cv shafts?

10-02-12, 08:03 PM
So my new rear diff came in today. I started unbolting the old one on the car. I believe i have everything unbolted. Looks like the cv axles are the only thing holding the rear end in place. To remove the cv axles do i have to take the tires, brakes, etc off and pull them out that way? Or is there an easier method? Thanks again for the help.

10-03-12, 03:33 PM
no u dont have to . there is 6 hex bolts that hold axle to control arm.

10-03-12, 05:35 PM
Alright. Got that part done. Now do i need to remove the rear diff cover to get access to the other side of the cv joints to pull that side off?

10-04-12, 12:38 PM
I am having some real trouble getting the cv joints removed from the carrier itself. please help.

10-04-12, 02:44 PM
so i got the rear end down and out, the pass. side cv joint removed. The driver side cv joint is giving me some trouble. cant seem to lodge it loose from the carrier.