: Help me pick out a mod package

10-02-12, 06:56 AM
Hey guys,
Well it's time for some go fast parts. I'm looking to do a stage 1 upper pulley and tune. Should I go with the lingenfelter upper or is the metco 2.50 more aggressive?

Where can I get a solid isolator? and do I need anything else? If I get the diablo trinity t1000 will I be able to save my stock tune and also have a custom tune from a tuner saved? I'm kind of new to this.

Also If I do decide to get a heat exchanger, What kind of maintenance comes with it?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


larry arizona
10-02-12, 11:50 AM
a 2.55 is a 2.55 pulley. One is not more aggressive that the other.

If you are doing a hand held tune then some options are:

Lingenfelter kit is fine but opt of the Airaid CAI and I believe you have to send them your PCM, they have the solid isolator too.

Wait4me is pretty slick in that he sells you the pulley, isolator, and a SCT hand held (get the airaid on your own) and he sends you 3 tunes on the SCT handheld (Mild,Wild and Valet tune). He is by far the least expensive and it works stellar. He also sells a added HX ($400) which fits and works great and there in no added matainance from the HX. Install of the HX is a little tricky with the routing of the hoses (no hoses included, but with a trip to napa its pretty easy to figure out.) For the do it yourselfer its your best option.

larry arizona
10-02-12, 11:53 AM
btw on a SCT handheld you will always have your stock tune plus up to 3 additional tunes. Does you no good to go back to stock tune even if you try to sneak it into the dealer for warranty work. The dealer can tell when and how often you have swapped tunes.

larry arizona
10-02-12, 12:04 PM
Upper OR Lower,Cai,HX,160tstat is your typical stage one mod. Very basic to tune by any tuner on this forum. Anything beyond stage one (even adding LT headers) requires fuel injector upgrade and or fuel pump tuning and should be dyno tuned to make sure your fueling is correct.

stage 1 is a GREAT start while you decide where to go for stage 2.

Stage 2 options: Cam, Headers, lower pulley (added to upper), meth in conjunction with HX upgrade (both are highly recommended) Dyno tune by someone who KNOWS the LSA!

V locity
10-02-12, 01:46 PM
2.35 upper FTW... If you're pulling the snout, get the LPE upper hub mounted, then you can swap uppers yourself.

10-02-12, 04:09 PM
I would go with the lower pulley package. If you go with a 9" ring or 9.5", and an air intake, your going to have your best bang for the buck in my opinion. If they
look under the hood, all they are going to see is the air intake. Your car will still pass smog if done by a good tuner. The other stuff can be added later, but will give you
smaller HP increases with each item. The isolator can wait, unless it's making a lot of noise. Just my 2 cents. Cecil.................

10-02-12, 06:56 PM
Hey guys thanks for the all the replys. I will be going with a custom tune. I do not want to upgrade my injectors and will most likely just go with a upper pulley. Will porting the stock tb and snout put more strain on my duty cycle?

V locity
10-02-12, 08:05 PM
If you live where the weather gets colder, you'll probably need to upgrade those injectors with a pulley & TB... With more air you'll need more petrol...