: 05 caddy sts v8 trouble

10-01-12, 11:59 PM
I have a 2005 v8 STS , I was driving on the highway & the car slowed down & came to a complete stop , on the dash it said low oil ....I checked the oil & it was fine ....I turned off the car & then it started & I drove off ....now while driving the cel came on and it started puttering like it wanted to cut off....I was able to get to my mechanic & his Kandi module could not read the computer he called a GM tech & he told him it's a ground problem ...
he added a new ground & now the Kandi module is reading all kinds of codes I can't remember the #s but the 1st code was that the map sensor was bad.....I replaced the MAP sensor & I still have the same problem as b4 minus the low oil light .... also when testing the car power loss / reduce power light came on & when about to brake the car downshifts really hard ...right now my scanner reads codes p0174 ,p0171 , u100 & p0171 again can anyone help ?

10-02-12, 08:48 PM
Did you check the dipstick? If that reads full, I fear you had some other failure such as the oil pump. It sounds to me like the engine was oil-starved.

Have it flat-bedded to a Cadillac dealer.

10-02-12, 08:56 PM
Yes I checked the oil & it was fine but I'll
look into the oil pump as you mentioned ....