: i have some questions about adding a aux input and subwoffers? help!

10-01-12, 07:56 PM
1 so i have been reading a lot of posts about adding subs and amps... to my understanding all i need is a PAC SNI-45T and a amp kit and that basically takes care of that. is that correct?

2 i also want to add a aux input for my iphone and i have read a few different ways to do this.... one was by n*caddy ( who by the way seems to be extremely helpful and very talented at modifications) i have a 1999 seville sts with a stock Bose system ( i want to keep it as stock as possible) i also read a few other ways to do it and they said i could add it to my armrest console where there is a cd changer hook up ( i don't have a cd changer and never did but if i pull out the storage bins in my arm rest there is a wire that looks like what they are talking about). i am pretty good at electronics and have a good understanding of electrical systems, but i want to know what is the best way to do this and what is going to be the easiest and better sounding way? all input is accepted and will be very appreciated . i apologize ahead of time for my grammar i am horrible at speech

10-01-12, 08:08 PM
Please DO NOT duplicate threads in different forums. You will receive adequate input from posting the same info in 1 forum. Thanks for the consideration.

10-01-12, 08:30 PM
sorry about that i did that on accident i put it in the wrong one first then posted it in the audio video but could not delete it from the first spot